Any Indian Class'A' ,SS Amp?

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#1 erstellt: 24. Mrz 2005, 14:10
Does anyone in India manufactures Class 'A',solid state integrated amps,and has anyone auditioned them?
(Since class A offers much better quality of music over class AB type of amps,though it is more power hungry.)
#2 erstellt: 24. Mrz 2005, 16:22
me thought only tubes gave pure class a all the way and all solid state were either class a to a certain wattage and b after that. or the other class variants
#3 erstellt: 24. Mrz 2005, 18:19
Pure Class A is not necessarily better sounding than AB..a Class AB like a Plinius or a lavardin can sound amazingly superior.

Steve.. there are quite a few Pure class A SS amps by Pass labs, Sugden, Plinius, Krell, Audio Analogue..
#4 erstellt: 25. Mrz 2005, 07:48
The Pulz RS-250 dual mono power amplifier has a high current output. It consumes 300W of electricity to deliver 60W RMS per channel at 8 ohms. There's a good chance it is class A. Find out by writing to
#5 erstellt: 25. Mrz 2005, 09:48
I would be very suprised if it is pure class A.
From whatl little i know, 20% is on the very high end of efficiency for pure class A's..usual range is from 10-15%.

ams sure it is at max a class A biased A/B
#6 erstellt: 25. Mrz 2005, 10:20

Why would anyone prefer a pure class A if they are that efficient? This Pulz has an efficiency of 60 + 60 = 120/300 ie. 40%

I didn't get the concept of bias. Do you mean that at higher volumes it becomes a A/B?
#7 erstellt: 25. Mrz 2005, 10:44
yup. all AB class need biasing. some amps are biase to as much as 10W to class A. these are not pure class A as they are still open to switching distortion.

amps in audio are not chosen for efficiency but for the quality of sound.

most affordable class As usually only go uto 30-40 W. above that cost goes up exponentially due to the quality of Components and casing required.
#8 erstellt: 25. Mrz 2005, 13:38
By this June there would be a Class A Plinius....either the Reference or its smaller sister to audition in Bangalore.

#9 erstellt: 26. Mrz 2005, 04:15
The plinius has some of the most Class A sounding Class AB amps.. really one of the most smooth sounding a non fatiguing amps.
I guess the important factor here would be the pricing
#10 erstellt: 26. Mrz 2005, 11:47
All I can say is wait & watch and none of you will be disappointed.

However you folks have to make it happen showing at interest when Gary visits INDIA in June.

It really would be very interesting to know the forums reaction with the Plinius + Harberth combination ......after hearing it for themselves...
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