Depeche Mode stellen Album fertig

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Aus der LA Times:

“We’ve completed the record,” the band’s frontman, Dave Gahan, told Pop & Hiss on Thursday via phone from New York. “There might be a couple of bits and pieces we’ve got to clean up, but I feel really good about the fact that we’re finished,” he continued. “I think we’ve made a great record.”

Gahan said the as-yet-untitled album, slated for release this coming spring, will have about 12 tracks.

“We’ve been spoiled for choice with this one because we recorded more songs for this record than we ever had for any [other] record,” he said. “Maybe I’m old school or whatever but once you start going over 12 songs, I think it becomes a little weird.”

Gahan confirmed the 2009 disc, which will be the first for EMI in the U.S. (the band has been releasing albums for Warner Music Group in North America for much of its career), will contain the tracks “Wrong” and “Peace,” snippets of which have been circulating the Web. Gahan, however, clarified that the actual title of “Peace” is “Peace Will Come to Me.”

Additionally, he unveiled the titles of three more new tracks — “Hole to Feed,” “Comeback” and “In Chains,” all co-written by Gahan — that are likely set for inclusion on the album. Gahan added that the recording sessions, which took place over the last several months in New York and Santa Barbara, were productive and that he and the act’s principal songwriter, Martin Gore, are working well together.

“We have about 18 songs,” he said, even hinting that the band will release a special EP or online-only add-on with the extra material next year.

But Gahan stressed that the EMI release will be just that — a proper record that doesn’t run too long.

Said Gahan: “I’ve been listening to the current play list, and I’m always still thinking of an album like Side 1, and Side 2. It’s like when you see a movie or something, and it goes over two hours and you’re like ‘OK, I get it.’ ”

So what will the new material sound like? Rolling Stone last month ran an “In the Studio” featuring the band, on which Gore was quoted saying the set has a “spiritual” feel.

“I know what [Martin] means by that, but if anyone’s thinking that the record will have a Gospel feel, it couldn’t be further from that,” Gahan said. “I feel like [the record] is [about] looking outside and a yearning for somehow coming together. The world is changing. Watching Obama getting elected was great. We watched it on TV in Santa Barbara and I get goosebumps thinking about that still. It’s going to take a long time, but I think some of that same feeling, that sentiment [of hope] is in the work.”

And though the band is increasingly fond of using guitars, the new disc may see a return to the Depeche Mode’s original analog synth roots — at least on a few tracks.

“Martin’s got this new fetish which is basically buying gear on EBay,” Gahan said. “He must have bought up half of the analog equipment around the world. We’ve got all these old drum machines from the 1970s, and even some of the stuff that we used in the ’80s as well, like old Moogs and Arps.”

As an example, Gahan noted that one of the new album’s stars is a piece of gear dubbed “The Colonel” - a vintage 1970s-era Steiner Parker synthesizer. It’s an instrument, said Gahan, “that makes crazy noises. We found it really inspiring and used it in a lot of things [on the new record].”

Depeche Mode announced portions of its 2009 “Tour of the Universe” earlier this year and is set to reveal U.S. dates in the coming weeks. Depeche Mode has maintained a strong fan base in the L.A.-area, thanks to such famed concerts as the 1988 Rose Bowl sellout captured in the film “Depeche Mode 101.” The band last played Southern California in 2006 at the Coachella music & arts festival.

“We had a great time on stage that night,” Gahan gushed. “It was one of those gigs where you just feel like you’re floating on air. I was singing great, the atmosphere was great, everything was right. It was very special.”

While Depeche Mode’s famously devoted fans await new music and tour dates, they have been busy bemoaning the fact that the band’s music has turned up in a Hilary Duff song. Her “Reach Out” heavily samples the band’s “Personal Jesus.”

“I don’t know what I think about it…. It’s a little weird,” laughed Gahan. “I think it was something that Martin didn’t really have any choice over, they kind of did it anyway. But, you know, it is what it is. Look, my daughter loves it. You know what she said to me? ‘But it’s not the same, Dad.’ ”

#2 erstellt: 20. Jan 2009, 12:49
Das neue Album heißt "Sounds of the Universe" und erscheint am 17.4.2009

Auch wenn der Titel etwas überheblich klingt, finde ich ihn für eine Synthie-Band absolut tragbar
Was in diesem Bericht geschrieben wird, klingt für mich sehr vielversprechend! Eine moderne Mischung aus Violator und Black Celebration.

Ich bin ja so gespannt

Grüße. Jimmy

[Beitrag von DeMode74 am 20. Jan 2009, 12:50 bearbeitet]
#3 erstellt: 20. Jan 2009, 18:48
Laut Pressekonferenz vom 6.10.08 sollte der Albumtitel etwas arogant klingen, aber Humorvoll gesehen. Typisch Depeche Mode. Siehe da "Music for the Masses" und "Violator".
#4 erstellt: 06. Feb 2009, 11:02
Mute Presseinfo

Depeche Mode - Sounds Of The Universe (Mute)

Groundbreaking, chart-topping electronic legends Depeche Mode
return in April 2009 with their most dazzling and diverse album in
decades. Sounds Of The Universe finds Martin Gore, Dave Gahan and
Andy "Fletch" Fletcher back at the top of their game after almost 30
years together. Eclectic and energised, they sound like a band reborn.

With global sales in excess of 100 million, including Number One albums
and dozens of classic singles, Depeche Mode belong to a select
premier league of supergroups - alongside U2, REM and Metallica -
who have survived from the early 1980s with their ideals, their creative
vision and their core members intact. They overcame internal friction
and critical hostility to become one of the most influential bands of the
post-punk era, namechecked by everyone from The Killers, MGMT,
Coldplay, Pet Shop Boys and Marilyn Manson.

Sounds Of The Universe is Depeche Mode's latest forward-thinking
masterpiece, a Violator for the 21st century. Lyrically, it contains many
of the band's enduring obsessions - lust, spirituality, romantic yearning,
sinful temptation and sadomasochism - plus more overt black humour
than any of their previous albums.

Musically, Sounds Of The Universe will please fans of every age and
taste. From Dave's overlord chant on the mighty first single Wrong to
Martin's velvet-lined Scott Walker croon on the sensual lounge-music
ballad Jezebel, and from the sci-fi gospel-blues hymn In Chains to the
sleazy electronic glam-rock stomp Corrupt, this is a classic Depeche
Mode album.
As they approach their 30th anniversary, Depeche Mode are on a
personal and musical high. Old tensions have been resolved, hatchets
buried and bad habits conquered. Recorded in Santa Barbara and
New York, Sounds Of The Universe was born from positive creative
chemistry, and it really shows.
"It's a tremendous record, just to blow our own trumpet," laughs Dave.
"We've had the luxury this time of recording a lot more songs than we
really need, all of which have been of great quality."
"All of us have had a really good time being together," says Martin.
"The overall atmosphere in the studio has been fantastic. Very few
issues. We were very focussed."
"The overriding thrust of the album is the number of high quality songs,"
Andy agrees. "Martin's been writing really prolifically, to a high
standard. We've recorded about 20 songs, which is pretty good for
Depeche Mode. We're even doing a deluxe version of the album with
about 17 or 18 tracks, including old demos from current and previous
The album title Sounds Of The Universe has various meanings, from its
spiritual subtext to its retro-futuristic arrangements. "We've used a lot of
old analogue synthesisers and drum machines, which conjure up
image of the universe and space travel somehow," Martin explains.
"We've gone back to a lot of old vintage gear, without making the
album sound too retro. It's like yesterday's future. That's why for me it's
a perfect album title."
Sounds Of The Universe marks a reunion between Depeche Mode and
Ben Hillier, who previously produced their 2005 album Playing The
Angel. A gifted all-rounder who has worked with full orchestras and
rock bands, Hillier gave the album a timeless sound palette blending
vintage bleeps and beats with contemporary electronic textures.
"We all felt it would be stupid not to work with Ben again," says Martin.
"He's just one of those people who puts his mind to something and
becomes instantly professional at it. He's also quite forceful. That's
important for us, at this stage of our career, to have someone willing to
stick their neck out and disagree with us."
Like Playing The Angel, Sounds Of The Universe features writing credits
for both Martin and Dave. After honing his talents on two solo albums,
Dave has earned his place as Depeche Mode's second songwriter.
"The fact that Dave has started writing songs has done a lot of good
for the band because his confidence is much higher now," says Andy.
"He feels a lot more attached to the band because of that."
In fact, Sounds Of The Universe is the closest collaboration yet between
Depeche Mode's two main songwriters. Martin and Dave share vocals
on several songs and they have even co-written one track on this
record. It felt like "a true partnership", says Dave. "I think in a blind
people would find it difficult to tell who wrote which songs," adds
The first single from the album, Wrong grabs the listener's attention from
its first stack-heeled, staccato shriek. Over stomping beats and
screeching synthesisers, Dave hammers out Martin's darkly comic
reflections on a lifetime of mistakes, misdeeds and bad decisions.
Instantly addictive, Wrong clearly has a guaranteed future as a skypunching
stadium anthem. It already feels like a Depeche Mode
"We decided at a fairly early stage that we wanted Wrong to be the
first single, because it's quite different to anything we've released
before," says Martin. "I don't know quite what category to put it in
musically, but it's got a kind of rap feel to it. It's probably as close to
R&B as we're ever going to sound."
For Martin, another album highlight is Peace, with its sublime technogospel
arrangement and cascading choral refrain. It was written back
to back with Footprint, a seductive whirl of warped fairground pop,
which became a kind of nocturnal sister song to Peace.
"Both those songs had a spiritual element to them, and to me that
formed a sort of cornerstone to the album," Martin explains. "We've
had spiritual references on previous records, but I think with this one it's
a little more obvious."
Dave's contributions to Sounds Of The Universe were written with his
regular composing partners, Andrew Philpott and Christian Eigner,
Depeche Mode's live drummer. One of their stand-out collaborations is
Come Back, the dirtiest and rowdiest rocker on the album.
"I wanted to take it away from being a straight ballad," says Dave,
"with a feel beneath it that was kind of My Bloody Valentine or Jesus
and Mary Chain. A big lush sound with this droning wall of noise
underneath. Martin did some fantastic backing vocals for that."
Another of the singer's dirty confessionals, Hole To Feed marries modern
electronics to a floor-shaking, bone-rattling Bo Diddley beat. The lyric, a
blend of rock-star swagger and tender yearning, is vintage Dave
"Lyrically, I'm just being my usual cynical self," Dave laughs. "I'm the
man who has everything but I'm still just poking around in that little hole
that feels empty, wondering what I can fill it with."
In keeping with tradition, Anton Corbijn again provides the striking
sleeve design and band photos for Sounds Of The Universe. Now an
acclaimed film director with his Joy Division biopic Control, the "Dutch
Master" has been Depeche Mode's chief visual consultant for over 20
"It was difficult to get him this time," Andy laughs. "Now he's won all
these awards as film director it was very hard to tie him down for an
album cover. But yes, Anton's still involved, he's very important to
Depeche Mode."
The band is set to go on a mammoth global jaunt opening on May 10
with 28 stadium concerts across the Middle East and Europe. Further
legs of the tour will include the US and throughout South America. "We
played Mexico on the last tour and it was amazingly successful," Martin
recalls. "We did two nights in Mexico City to 50,000 people each night.
Knowing how popular we are out there, we're expecting a similar
reaction this time - we all felt we neglected South America on the last
tour, so we decided to put that right."
For a band with such a long and successful history, selecting the set list
for the tour is a major task. Around 230 possible Depeche Mode classics
need to be honed into a 20-song concert. "Every time we tour now the
set list becomes a real nightmare," says Andy. "Because we're a
democracy, it's like the Eurovision Song Contest, voting individually for
each song. But it's not such a bad problem to have."
Public response to the Tour of the Universe has been phenomenal, with
many European stadium shows selling out almost immediately. "The
touring thing is where it all makes sense for me," nods Dave. "Once the
fans are there, there's always that feeling underneath Depeche
Mode's music of wanting to be part of something, and there are a lot
of people out there who feel the same."
Ultimately, all three members of Depeche Mode pay tribute to the
loyal army of fans who have supported them for almost 30 years. Their
devotion is what makes forward-thinking albums like Sounds Of The
Universe possible, and their excitement is what makes Depeche Mode
tours such electrifying spectacles.
"We've been blessed over the years by our audience," says Martin.
"We have the craziest, most loyal fans of any band I know. People who
think Depeche Mode are doomy should just come and see one of our
concerts and see how the audience react. The shows are just an
amazing high, everybody's there to have a good time."
In 2009, Depeche Mode are unstoppable. Get ready for the album of
the year from the biggest, brightest, best band in the Universe.
#5 erstellt: 20. Feb 2009, 13:36
Sounds of the Universe Info klick hier


CD 1 - Sounds Of The Universe
1. In Chains
2. Hole To Feed
3. Wrong
4. Fragile Tension
5. Little Soul
6. In Sympathy
7. Peace
8. Come Back
9. Spacewalker
10. Perfect
11. Miles Away / The Truth Is
12. Jezebel
13. Corrupt

CD 2
Bonus tracks
1. Light
2. The Sun And The Moon And The Stars
3. Ghost
4. Esque
5. Oh Well

6. Corrupt - Efdemin Remix
7. In Chains - Minilogue's Earth Remix
8. Little Soul - Thomas Fehlman Ambient Mix
9. Jezebel - SixToes Remix
10. Perfect - Electronic Periodic Dark Drone Mix
11. Wrong - Caspa Remix

CD 3
1. Little 15
2. Clean
3. Sweetest Perfection
4. Walking In My Shoes
5. I Feel You
6. Judas
7. Surrender
8. Only When I Lose Myself
9. Nothing's Impossible
10. Corrupt
11. Peace
12. Jezebel
13. Come Back
14. In Chains

Making The Universe / Film (45.23)
Usual Thing, Try And Get The Question In The Answer (55.12)
Sounds Of The Universe [A Short Film] (10.05)
Wrong (promo video - 3.16)
Studio Sessions:
Corrupt (4.08)
Little Soul (3.52)
Stories Of Old (3.24)
Come Back (6.05)

Sounds Of The Universe plus bonus tracks in 5.1 surround sound
1. In Chains
2. Hole To Feed
3. Wrong
4. Fragile Tension
5. Little Soul
6. In Sympathy
7. Peace
8. Come Back
9. Spacewalker
10. Perfect
11. Miles Away / The Truth Is
12. Jezebel
13. Corrupt

Bonus tracks
1. Light
2. The Sun And The Moon And The Stars
3. Ghost
4. Esque
5. Oh Well

Packaging / additional content:
2 piece custom made box with foil blocking.
2 x 84 page hardback books:
The first featuring the lyrics to all the songs from the Sounds Of The Universe sessions accompanied by exclusive photography by Anton Corbijn.
The second featuring exclusive and candid studio photography by Daniel Miller, Ben Hillier, Luke Smith and Ferg Peterkin.
2 exclusive enamel badges
1 poster
5 artcards, sealed in a collectors envelope
1 certificate of authenticity
#6 erstellt: 20. Feb 2009, 14:03
Coole Infos, Danke!
Box ist gekauft

Weiß jemand was mit "Demos" gemeint ist?

CD 3
1. Little 15
2. Clean
3. Sweetest Perfection
4. Walking In My Shoes
5. I Feel You
6. Judas
7. Surrender
8. Only When I Lose Myself
9. Nothing's Impossible
10. Corrupt
11. Peace
12. Jezebel
13. Come Back
14. In Chains

Übrigens, morgen bei der Echo-Verleihung hat DM einen Live-Auftritt und präsentiert "Wrong" - Ich bin ja wirklich gespannt was die Jungs da abgemischt haben

[Beitrag von DeMode74 am 20. Feb 2009, 14:04 bearbeitet]
#7 erstellt: 20. Feb 2009, 14:07
Das sind alles Studio oder Pre-Produktion Demos aus den jeweiligen Albumaufnahmen.
Wrong ist sehr stark..Für die Aufnahme des Albums wurden viele alte Synthies aus den '70er und '80er verwendet.
#8 erstellt: 20. Feb 2009, 14:10
Hier Studioeindrücke von der arbeit an "Wrong"

Wrong Web Clip
#9 erstellt: 21. Feb 2009, 14:08
Der bekannte US Radiosender KROQ hat Wrong zu Früh gespielt.

Wrong Radio Mitschnitt (schlechte Qualli)
Ist häufiger hier
#10 erstellt: 22. Feb 2009, 02:42
Gerade bei der Echo Verleihung gehört. Gutes Lied.
#11 erstellt: 22. Feb 2009, 16:01

Volker_Essen schrieb:
Gerade bei der Echo Verleihung gehört. Gutes Lied.

kann ich nur bestätigen! War mit Udo gestern der Beste Auftritt

CD ist so gut wie gekauft

muss man da aufpassen, dass man keine Pappschachtel kauft, so wie bei ACDC?
#12 erstellt: 22. Feb 2009, 16:03
WOW - bei der Echo Verleihung war ich baff und überfordert... was war das (geiles)?
Heute schon zig Mal auf youtube gehört und ich muß sagen! DM in Reinform -super-

Ein lauter Titel (Kopfhörerpflicht!) - intensiver, melodischer, fast schon aggressiver Synthi mit perfekten DM Tugenden. Dazu der treibenden Gesang von Dave mit genialer Gesangseinlage von Martin. Ich bin sehr froh, dass sich DAS wie DM anhört. Danke DM!
#13 erstellt: 22. Feb 2009, 16:21
brauch die box
wo bestell ich das teil vor?
geiles lied wenn der rest so klingt gibts das beste album seit langem
#14 erstellt: 22. Feb 2009, 16:35

dödeldö schrieb:
brauch die box
wo bestell ich das teil vor?
geiles lied wenn der rest so klingt gibts das beste album seit langem

bei Amazon kannst du dich bisher nur benachrichtigen lassen, sobald es die CD zum Vorbestellen gibt. In England kann man sie auch noch nicht bestellen

Hab mir gerade das Lied runter geladen, leider nur 128kbs.

Naja, vorerst reichts mal
#15 erstellt: 23. Feb 2009, 04:35
Die Box wird wohl sehr groß ausfallen.
Depeche Mode haben an den Album mit sehr viel Analogen Synthies aus den '70er und '80er gearbeitet und das spürt man im ganzen Album. Wrong ist ein sehr guter Vorgeschmack auf das Album, das wirklich so klingt wie es benannt wurde "Sounds of the Universe". In Chains der erste Song vom Album geht gleich richtig ab und wir auch der opener auf der Tour, Hole to feed eine geile uptempo nummer die wir auch live zu hören bekommen werde....
#16 erstellt: 23. Feb 2009, 12:18
Falls es jemanden interessiert, hier die mir momentan bekannteste beste Qualität, sowohl Sound als auch Video. Unbedingt unten "watch in HD" anklicken.



EDIT: Link wurde von mir entfernt, da der Inhalt von youtube entfernt werden musste --> (EMI Copyright)

[Beitrag von DeMode74 am 23. Feb 2009, 17:25 bearbeitet]
#17 erstellt: 24. Feb 2009, 11:30
Der Song "WRONG" ist gerade bei iTunes verfügbar
Kann doch nur ein Fehler sein

Wenn man nur die youtube Videos kennt, dann knallt der Song, wie erwartet, extrem.
#18 erstellt: 24. Feb 2009, 12:42
Oh Well ein Bonus Track ist auch erhältlich allerdings nur über itunes(UK) hat dann halt ein Kumpel für mich gekauft....
Ich sag nur geil.

Das Video zu Wrong ist der Oberhammer.

In Chains und Peace konnte, durfte ich schon hören.

Der Album opener fängt mit einer art Modemgeräusch an das sich einwählt ins Netzt, dann ein Testton und dann startet Dava Gahan kräftig mit In Chains.....GEIL
#19 erstellt: 24. Feb 2009, 13:01
Ja, das Video könnte passender nicht sein... Text, Rhythmus und Video bilden eine perfekte Einheit.

Der Remix zu "oh well" von Black Light Odyssey hat mich jetzt nicht so ganz überzeugt aber ich konnte mit Remixes noch nie besonders viel anfangen.

Der Album opener fängt mit einer art Modemgeräusch an das sich einwählt ins Netzt, dann ein Testton und dann startet Dava Gahan kräftig mit In Chains.....GEIL

Du schaffst es immer wieder meine Neugierde auf die Spitze zu treiben
#20 erstellt: 24. Feb 2009, 13:39
Die Box liegt zwischen 70€-80€
bei vorbestellbar...Ich werde sie in meinem Plattenladen bestellen.

Ich hab die möglichkeit gehabt mit einem Freund (arbeitet in einem Musikverlag) das Album zu hören. Habe dann von mir aus nur "in Chains" und "Peace" mit angehört. Will mir die Vorfreude nicht nehmen lassen. Mein Freund steht eher auf Metal und sein Kommentar war nur "Die haben die '80er ins 21 Jahrhundert befördert, aber viel neuer und moderner"..."Alles klingt analog es fiept und piept überall und dann diese harte Gitarre"(Die nach seinem Geschmack öfters kommen dürfte)...."Die Texte reißen dir teilweise die Eier ab"...."Daves Stimme hat mehr volumen als jemals zuvor und prägt die Songs sehr stark"...

[Beitrag von stumm101 am 24. Feb 2009, 13:40 bearbeitet]
#21 erstellt: 27. Feb 2009, 11:02

[Beitrag von stumm101 am 27. Feb 2009, 11:03 bearbeitet]
#22 erstellt: 14. Mrz 2009, 01:51
#23 erstellt: 27. Mrz 2009, 16:00
Depeche Mode - Sounds of the Universe

Die Promo läuft seit gestern Abend in dauer Rotation bei mir.
Jetzt habe ich auch einen viel besseren Blick auf das Album und es wirkt jetzt erst richtig.
Wer hier eine glatte Popproduktion erwartet wird endtäuscht(Es ist sehr abwechslungsreich, experimentell, sperrig). Es gibt wirklich keinen Hit auf dem Album und kein Song ist Radio tauglich zum Glück. So mag ich Depeche Mode. Viele kleine versteckte sound Spielerein die man erst mit der Zeit entdeckt, gerade in 5.1 Surround-Sound. Starke Vocals von Gahan und Gore. Depeche Mode hat hier mal wieder experimentier. Das Album wirkt wirklich wie eine fahrt durch einen langen dunklen Tunnel....
Depeche Mode meets Kraftwerk, Bowie und Pink Floyd.
Ist häufiger hier
#24 erstellt: 17. Apr 2009, 17:27
Und, Meinungen zum neuen Werk der Jungs? Ich finde es um längen besser als der Vorgänger. Schöne Songs mit etwas Frickelei. Ich bin nach wie vor der Meinung das Alan Wilder fehlt :(. Im großen und ganzen kann ich mich aber den Worten von depecherene anschließen.

[Beitrag von Herr_P. am 17. Apr 2009, 17:29 bearbeitet]
Hat sich gelöscht
#25 erstellt: 20. Apr 2009, 07:49
nicht schlecht das Album.

Absolut kein Elektro-Pop mehr, eher Elektro-Rock .

Was mich allerdings schon beim 1. mal hören nervte ist die miserable Aussteuerung / Mischung der CD, kann man nicht lauter hören ohne das sie in den Ohren schmerzt.
Aber ich habe ja noch das Vinyl .
Hat sich gelöscht
#26 erstellt: 23. Apr 2009, 11:20

depecherene schrieb:
Studio Session Video von "Come Back"

Iss die ganze CD von dieser "Qualität"??? Iss ja furchtbar! Bis auf den billigen Gitarrenlick am Schluss; der iss wenigstens noch "interessant wegen Niveaulosigkeit".
#27 erstellt: 23. Apr 2009, 11:28

Rattensack schrieb:

depecherene schrieb:
Studio Session Video von "Come Back"

Iss die ganze CD von dieser "Qualität"??? Iss ja furchtbar! Bis auf den billigen Gitarrenlick am Schluss; der iss wenigstens noch "interessant wegen Niveaulosigkeit".

Hallo Rattensack,
nein die Studio Session sind nicht gleich zusetzen mit der Albumversion.
Hier kannst Du ins Album legal reihören.

Das könnte Dich auch interessieren:
audiophile depeche mode?
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Depeche Mode on Tour 2009 - PreSales Jetzt am laufen
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Music Streaming was läuft gerade bei euch!
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Album des Jahres?
Spooky am 04.12.2002  –  Letzte Antwort am 05.06.2003  –  45 Beiträge
Das neue Prince Album
Sailking99 am 01.05.2004  –  Letzte Antwort am 01.05.2004  –  2 Beiträge
Das neue Lenny Album...
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Das neue Slipknot-Album
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