Cables for grundig ACTIV BOX?

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#1 erstellt: 21. Sep 2006, 06:44
Hi, again!

What cables use to connect activ speakers (with themselfs and with preamp) - Grundig Aktiv Box 40 (150/120W) ?
I assume that not necessarily speakers cables, hmm?
I thinik about hq microphone or instrumental/guitar cables that i usually use as interconect ...(Cordial, Klotz...)
Recommended diameter? Just as with speakers cables or like signal ones - those going to be as long as speakers cables (2,50-3m), so how thick should be possibly the instrumental/microphone ones...?

#2 erstellt: 21. Sep 2006, 06:55
Usually cinch-cables are used to connect active speakers.
I don't know how old the speakers are, perhaps they connected them with - for example - din-plugs in the past.

But: microphone-cables, coaxial-cables,... are suitable to use them to connect your pre-amp with your speakers.

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#3 erstellt: 21. Sep 2006, 07:25
Of course they have DIN plugs as many old German hifi...
That is not a problem i got golden DIN's and Nakamichi cinch's but still thinking about cable...
I got at home Cordial CLS 225 2x2.5 Speaker cable (but it's speaker cable...) but considering very good micropohe Cordial CMTOP....

Any experiences?

#4 erstellt: 21. Sep 2006, 10:32
I don´t think speaker cable is useful. For those low-power audio signals - in common - Coax-cables (as mentioned above) are the best choice.
You don´t need big cables - shielding is more important.

In special as for the connection between the speakers there is only one cable necessary (two between the first box and the preamp) - so even the wiring with coax shouldnt be a problem. Any of the RG-X classes for TV or network should be ok. Somewhere here was a discussion about ... perhaps somebody remembers.

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#5 erstellt: 21. Sep 2006, 11:45
...seen your pictures on audiokarma. First find out whether the active speakers have balanced or unbalanced input.
A 1 pair shielded microphone cable should work perfect (Klotz Cordial, Sommer) Or use 2pair starquad cable for the 5pole DIN connectors, in case you have a balanced preamp output.

Don't use speaker cable!

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