Viech mit Bändchen Hochtöner?

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#1 erstellt: 06. Feb 2006, 22:38

Sorry for the English; I could try in German but it would be just too funny for you guys and too embarrasing for me

I've been using a pair of Viech fullranges for quite some time now and have experimented alot with dampening (stuffing wool); in my experience it's impossible to attenuate the prominent midrange without losing too much bass though. In comes the Sperrkreis and now we're at it I'm also planning to remove the whizzer cones and add a real tweeter... (Technics TH400 bändchen; sensitivity matches after losing 4db with the Sperrkreis)

Does anyone have a clue up to how much khz the Beyma would go when the whizzers are removed? I'm a little confused about the frequency response of the unmodified drivers anyway; the official graph shows roll-off begins at 20khz, Cyburgs measurements indicate roll-off starts at 13khz when fully played in Is Beyma talking nonsense or am I missing something?

And another one: could it be a good idea to make use of the natural roll-off of the 'dewhizzered' Beyma's or is a low-pass filter obligatory to avoid the possible nastieness of the natural roll-off?

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#2 erstellt: 08. Feb 2006, 01:58
My answer probably will not be a great help, but if you can afford a TH 400 you will also have the money for an auxiliary Beyma, if the try fails.

No, I´m just kidding. But considering the price of the beyma it really should be no problem to pay the piper and call the tune.


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#3 erstellt: 08. Feb 2006, 13:29
I was told on another forum that the whizzer on a typical 8" fullrange takes over at around 3 to 6khz; could be a bit risky to cut'em because I don't know how low the Technics exactly goes...

BTW: I paid 50 euro's for a used pair of TH400C on ebay; just saw a new pair TH800 leave for 300

It's true that a new Beyma is cheap but the very long play-in time isn't a laugh
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