SONY TA 636 v. 1979 defekte Z-Diode

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#1 erstellt: 03. Mrz 2010, 11:15
Hallo, eine Z-Diode in diesem Verstärker hat sich verabschiedet. Sie trägt den Aufdruck 22 93 R. Wer kennt sich mit japanischen Bauteilen aus ? Habe leider keine Serviceunterlagen zum Gerät

Gruss Frank
#2 erstellt: 03. Mrz 2010, 13:04
Frank, please start your telepatie-generator. Ordinary mind-reading doesn't work over long distances

What I'm saying is, that I have the service-manual but I need to know the position-no. of the Zener to tell you the correct value. Most likely it's a 22V Zener but to be sure please provide the information.


#3 erstellt: 03. Mrz 2010, 13:38
Hi, the z-diode is located in the REGULATOR CIRCUIT. It is D 505 . This item is rather fat - bigger than the usual z-diodes.
#4 erstellt: 03. Mrz 2010, 22:26

The Zener is indeed a 22V-Zenerdiode.
When it's a 'fat' one I would suggest using at least a 1W type. The original is 'only' 0,5Watt but they tend to become hot. Better use a 1-Watt type in my opinion.

This could be something like 1N4748A:
or the European types BZX85C22:

It is NOT uncommon for a Zener to become defective BUT there MAY be a reason for this.
The Transistor Q501/2SD809 should be examined for shorts or leak. If it's dead a new Zener will become defective immediately.
When you are at it, check or even better REPLACE the electrolytic cap's in the positive and negative supply-circuits.
These are: C504 to C511 inclusive.
You may even want to do the same around the Output IC to prevent it from blowing-up because of self-oscillation caused by failing electrolytic cap's.
Here the cap's are: C301, C304~C307, C351, C354~C357

Good luck,



Opps, forgot to say that according to the manual the typeno. of the original Zener is: EQA01-22R

[Beitrag von tri-comp am 03. Mrz 2010, 22:32 bearbeitet]
#5 erstellt: 04. Mrz 2010, 10:57
thanks for your very, very precise information ! I will do my very best...

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