speakers for Technics SC-CA 1080

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#1 erstellt: 22. Feb 2010, 10:53
Hi and sorry for the English.

I bought this system and need a good set of speakers for it.
I was looking for a set of Bose 301 or even the 201 but thought there might be something better for the money. I want to spend no more than 125€ so they should be used i guess if i want something better?

Thanks Brian

PS they need to be a small series. Like book shelf speakers.

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#2 erstellt: 22. Feb 2010, 14:15
there always is a better alternative than bose - it's expensive crap.

about the budget - is 125€ for each speaker or the pair?
everyone here would recommend "bigger" book shelfs, how big could these be? do you want to put them on a shelf or on stands?

where would you buy? i'd guess you're not living in germany?
#3 erstellt: 22. Feb 2010, 16:28

125€ is for a pair. I guess the easiest place to find
used speakers is e**y, And yes I live in Germany. Sorry
for the english I can read German fine I just dont like
to write it. . The setup will be for my office at work
so the speakers should not be that big. The room is about
15 squar meters.

Thanks for any help

Rgds Brian
#4 erstellt: 22. Feb 2010, 17:06

josmuck schrieb:
for the english...

never mind!
125€ for a pair is not much, but there should be some options with used speakers.
my personal recommendation would be the (british ;)) B&W DM601 - but second hand prices are pretty high right now. i bought these used a long time ago for only 150€ but they are more expensive in current auctions. anyway - you should give it a shot!
ebay 1
ebay 2
ebay 3
ebay 4 - these could become a real steal, since the seller falsely described them as DM 301!

in my opinion these are the best second hand speakers for a low budget there are.

of course there are many other options - for instance these (another auction, another one).

maybe someone else has another good hint.
but both the b&w and nubert are pretty good book shelfs.
#5 erstellt: 22. Feb 2010, 17:23
Thanks for the info. I will delet everything else I got in ebay and concetrate on what you sugested. BTW I have at home a set of TMR from my brother inlaw and was wondering if they also make book shelf speakers. I love the sound of them.

Rgds and again thanks

#6 erstellt: 22. Feb 2010, 18:10

josmuck schrieb:
BTW I have at home a set of TMR from my brother inlaw and was wondering if they also make book shelf speakers. I love the sound of them.

i guess not. if you're talking about this tmr - there are no book shelfs.

good luck with the auctions!
let me know if you're succesful.

perhaps you'll get another hint from someone else here.
tastes in speakers do differ.
#7 erstellt: 22. Feb 2010, 23:42
Nobody else out there with any ideas?

Cya Brian
#8 erstellt: 23. Feb 2010, 20:02
What about building them my self? With plans
I can build the box my self but am just wondering
if they will still have the sound quality?

Cya Brian
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