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#1 erstellt: 17. Aug 2005, 14:57
Hi, I got from my brother in law a set of TMR Berlin speakers. They were hooked up to a very high end system from him and had a realley nice soft sound. When i hooked them up to my newer kenwood setup i was disappointed with the sound very metallic and no real felling in them at all. My freind gave ma a older (i think something around the 70s) kenwood amp and reciver in one, needles to say i hooked up the speakers and what to my wondering ears came out?? realley realley nice music... . The only problem is that when i turn up the music the right channel gets louder than the left channel. Does any body out there know what the problem might be or is there any body that could clean and fix the amp for me??

Thanks Brian

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#2 erstellt: 18. Aug 2005, 19:06
Hi nobody out there that might be able to fix the amp??

ps you can write back in german no probs..

later brian
#3 erstellt: 18. Aug 2005, 20:14
Hi brian,

have you tried to rotate the balance control sometimes left and right? Maybe this would solve your problems.

kindly regards,

#4 erstellt: 20. Aug 2005, 13:45
yep allready tried that. i think there is something wrong with the volum control.

laterz brian
#5 erstellt: 20. Aug 2005, 20:15

not very helpful i guess but maybe yor Hardware is damaged some how ? A damaged Balance Poti or something?
Have you checked the wireing?
And what is with the Amp you used before (where the sound was metallic) was the balance right in this case?
Maybe you can get a 100% working Amp for Testing so you know what device is damaged.

(xcuse my english)

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#6 erstellt: 21. Aug 2005, 06:59

It´s possible, that the left-side contacts for the loudspeaker´s are corroded.

Or inside the Amp,
the Condensators or other Parts for one(left) Channel, have a malfunction.
This is very possible, think about the Years of the Amp!

With a little Luck, only damaged Contacts for the parts
are possible.

Not only Volume and Balance Control´s may also have this result.
Other´s, like the Loudness, Tape-selector, Input-selector´s can cause also this problem.

Push all the buttons on the Control Panel more than one time,when the unit is warmed up.

Then you can go on searching inside the Amp´s electrical Parts.

Hope i can help,
nice Sunday.
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