Help / Advice for building a new system

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#1 erstellt: 03. Jan 2005, 13:28
hello everyone,

first of all i would like say this is a great site ... went all over place none which was so relevant to me... this site's info is great ...

I'm a newbie in this field would really appreciate any help from all you here

I have decided to build my own system by buying on a components ... over a year or two (trying to be helpfull to my enemy Mr.Wallet )...

rather than buying a something like sony.

I'm based in MUMBAI // BOMBAY...

I have had a few demos of speakers (all satellite) ... which basically included speaker systems such as jamo' A330.3 // A310 as well their A500

amps : Denon 1404 // cambridge 540R // yamaha

after hearing few ppl's advice and some research decided to go for tower speakers rather than a satellite system ... as satellite are not great for stereo listening ... cancels out the mid-ranges ... or something like that

I'm also trying find out the addresses for CINEBELS mumbai it seems they are jamo dealers as well keep other stuff ...

Any other dealer's // store addresses // informational web sites are welcome

thnx ... a Happy new year too all you as well
#2 erstellt: 03. Jan 2005, 14:33
just read thru ojoi's odyssey ...

very informative ...

can any you pls help me out with the addresses relative to mumbai // bombay ... india ??

i'm thinking along these lines ...


E 800 / E630 ... floor standers
E 8ADD / E 6ADD ... surround add -ons

pls advice

#3 erstellt: 03. Jan 2005, 15:44
hi cinebels in mumbai is at two places...crossroads mall and in bandra, behind linking road.

E855 and above are what I would go for in jamo. I dont find other speakers any good for the money.

try wharfedale diamond/evo series...pretty good for their money.

Ofcourse I would always recommend cadence arita and diva to anyone as they are music to my ears.

quad 12L, 21L are also an option.

#4 erstellt: 03. Jan 2005, 15:45
I forgot PSB, mssion, kef.
#5 erstellt: 03. Jan 2005, 16:00

thnx for the reply Manek...

will pop in at cinebels 2 have a look

going thru the rest of the posts... great info ... lot of posts to read ...

what abt amp's any recommendation in them ?
#6 erstellt: 04. Jan 2005, 14:41
nad 320bee is the finest entry level amp you will find in India....nother better for the price...some people have bouyght cambridge audio as well but I find cambridge audio sound coarse in comparision to the nad 320bee.

#7 erstellt: 05. Jan 2005, 07:55
my suggestion is, since you are building your system from scratch, please select your speakers and then an amp which runs it well.
eg I found the Rotel RA-01/02 a much better match with the QUAD11s than the NAD etc need to match the characteristics well.

Personally found the Cambridge Ausio components also Pretty good..although did hear there were some quality problems with the CDPs. do not discount the Marantz PM7000 as well as it is one hell of an Hefty amp for its price..

If you do choose the Amp, then your choice of speakers whould be narrowed down..which could be a good thing for some ! But with the limited chices in India, might make sense to choose speakers first and then choose an amp which goes best with it..

Just my 2 paise
#8 erstellt: 05. Jan 2005, 08:59
arj is right about the marantz amp...its a ruddy good amp !
#9 erstellt: 07. Jan 2005, 08:37
thnx for advice arj ...

just bought av-max december issue !!

in it onkyo Tx - Sr702 is debuted has been rated pretty decently by them ... has any one has had a demo of that here ??

plus a few stupid questions manek ..

what's the diff between a pre-amp // amp // avr

so if i buy a avr do i still have buy a player cd/dvd ?
#10 erstellt: 07. Jan 2005, 11:03
An integrated(one piece) amplifier is divided into two parts, pre-amp and power amp sections. An amplifier which has both is called an integrated amp. There are amps which only have a pre or a power section to facilitate mixing of different devices. These are termed as separates.

An avr (av reciever) would be like an integrated amp which will do stereo and 5.1 surround.

today you also get devices like HTIB(home theatre in box) which has a dvd/cd player coupled with an av reciever in one unit.

hope that clarifies stuff.

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