Price of Sonodyne Sonus? Performance?

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#1 erstellt: 13. Feb 2006, 06:21
Cud anyone give a review on Sonodyne Sonus speakers? What's the price? Howz the performance?
#2 erstellt: 14. Feb 2006, 18:35
Sonus 2605 flrs (Rs 20,000) sounds good. The smaller 1605 flrs (Rs 10,000) is avoidable.
#3 erstellt: 15. Feb 2006, 12:57
Ya, the Sonodyne Sonus 2605 is good for 20k, infact pretty good sound....
Dont think of 1605, its bad.
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#4 erstellt: 15. Feb 2006, 15:22
have got sonus2605...gr8 sound...kinda largish as compared to other spkrs in the similar price range bcos of the second low-range driver...nice bass response...i felt the sound to be somewhere in-between the wharfedale and the polk audio (cos those were the ones i was comparing to)...sound stage is more on the forefront and not laid back like wharfes...higher freq not as bright as polk monitors but still good....

sounded damn good with denon stereo rcvr....listen to know..

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#5 erstellt: 15. Feb 2006, 16:08

u are the second person to say that a Denon goes well with the sonodyne spkrs. The first was "verynewone".

I hope u both heard it in different places..then it must be really good!!!

And are u referring to the stereo reproduction?

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#6 erstellt: 16. Feb 2006, 09:47
I stay in an apartment. The hall is less than 200 square feet.
Shud I go for the Sonodyne Sonus or the Genie-2 satellite package? Will the Sonus be an overkill for a small apartment???
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#7 erstellt: 16. Feb 2006, 10:38

What would be good speakers for a large room: 25x15.
Enough furniture....false cieling with several behind proposed speaker placement area would be about 8-10 feet.
Speakers would have to be about 10-12 feet apart at the minimum.....

#8 erstellt: 16. Feb 2006, 11:05
Hi Juggy,
Sonus would no way be an overkill for any room with size 150 sqft or more. Its just that if you are keen on Stereo as well then the extra buck on spent on the Sonus makes more meaning. As a matter of fact the Genie2 are very good performers of HT and quite decent on Stereo as well but if you can then Sonus is a better choice.......

Its just that I would reccomend you to go for a Wharfdale SW150 sub instead of Roarr 2815 due to sheer musicality reasons.
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#9 erstellt: 16. Feb 2006, 14:53

nimz schrieb:

And are u referring to the stereo reproduction?


yes dude i m reffering to stereo reproduction...cos to be frank i havent seen ny movies after i got my room also is not very big...abt 12 x 12....but theres lotta furniture in there...dunno how much diff does that make on the sound...but none-the-less it sounds good...

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#10 erstellt: 16. Feb 2006, 17:16
thanks Nindo.

Then i can look at the Denon / Sonus combo too..can get it within 40 k for the entire package..

instead of a marnatz (my final choice) and my elusive speakers (still searching for the perfect pair)!!!!

How bout a Jamo people???

no one has replied to my thread on bipolar deft tech speakers.. boo hooo
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#11 erstellt: 17. Feb 2006, 03:42
Abhi, Can we use the Newly launched SONODYNE Processor and Amp (MDL no MP606 and MPA6125) with Genie-2 Speakers (sats)? Will the processor and amp be an overkill for the speakers?
(the Sonus is pretty good, but coz of space constraints I have to stick to the Genie-2s)
Or shud i stick to the Sonodyne AV 300R?

Heres the mail I recvd from the Sonodyne dealers....

"Hi Sir

Yea we do have 6.1 Newly launched Processor and Amp ( MDL no MP606
Price is 14500/- and MPA6125 – 6 channel power Amp 125 RMS P/C - Price is
29500/- )

But with this Processor U have to go for the Tower Speakers Sonus range
will cost u about 58000/- which includes :

-130W/RMS 3.way floor standing speaker Front L & R
- 90W/RMS 2. Way centre & Back speaker
- 100W/RMS 2.way dipole surround speaker L & R
- 150 W/RMS powered subwoofer

U can go for the AVANT 6.1 series as well –The complete 6.1 Home
theatre system which is priced 156000/-

Plz check the web site for more details about AVANT Series."
#12 erstellt: 17. Feb 2006, 11:04

nimz schrieb:
thanks Nindo.

Then i can look at the Denon / Sonus combo too..can get it within 40 k for the entire package..

instead of a marnatz (my final choice) and my elusive speakers (still searching for the perfect pair)!!!!

How bout a Jamo people???

no one has replied to my thread on bipolar deft tech speakers.. boo hooo

I have heard the Denon recievers, they are very very mediocre for Stereo reproduction.
Marantz, HK, Sonodyne, Onkyo all of them beat the Denon for Stereo, really I have compared the Denon and the Marantz side by side with the same Polk Audio speakers at Profx and they simply no match, the Marantz is leagues ahead for music. Dont get confused on this.
Denon recievers are only good for HT IMO.........

Now, Juggy, I think the surround processor + Six channel amp would be an overkill for the Genie2 package. There is no point spending so much for the Electronics. An AVR 300 is more than enough for them. Believe me the AVR 300 matches very well with Genie2, So if you have extra money then go for Better Sub-Woofer like a Velodyne or Deftech.
It would be worth spending on them.

If you go for Sonus then I would easily recommend you to check out the Processor + Six channel amp combo.
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#13 erstellt: 17. Feb 2006, 11:17
thanks Abhi...

that saves me a seperate project to choose the AVR.

So Marantz or a sonodyne int stereo amp!!

Abhi - speakers are making me go round and round.. i guess am getting into too much of research (thats wot my friends and colleagues say..)

i liked Kef 1Q5, checked the Boston VR1 and CR 95.. CR 95 was better IMO..the CR 105 wasnt there but these refex accoustics guys ask a bombshell even for the 95.

Wharfedales are there.. I want a 3 way speaker...

Just waiting for the Sonodyne showroom to be setup here.. will check out the sonus!!

Wot is your take on the Monitor Bronze floors?

Checked out Def tech but no one here seems to have heard it.. if its worth it.. will go for an audition.
#14 erstellt: 17. Feb 2006, 11:37
Hi Nimz,
Dont lose patience, your friends who say that you are running around a lot dont the difference between a Aiwa and a Marantz system so they would obviously not know the intricacies of selecting a good audio system.
You know it so stick to your research until you are convinced with the sound.

Go for a Marantz AVR instead of the Sonodyne entry level Stereo amp. For speakers, Monitor Audio has got very good reviews but personally I havent audiotioned them

Kef iQ5 are wonderful speakers if you can afford them.

Boston is average sounding IMO.

Jamo gets good only 40k onwards and for that price you can easily go for a Kef iQ5 which is anyday better.

Wharfdales are good speakers if you like their sound. They have a laidback presentation. So it depends whether you are looking for more thrill.

Do check out Sonodyne for sure, you may like them
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#15 erstellt: 17. Feb 2006, 12:08
thanks Abhi

i guess i like "laidback" stuff...

well this weekend.. am off to the wharfedales showroom which is quite far and maybe listen to the marantz once again

Boston accoustics was better than Polk monitor.. hmm.. i listened to Polk thru denon AVR and the Boston thru a marantz class A amp..

So wotz the name of the yahoo / google group?

how bout "The Great Indian HIFI Forum"
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#16 erstellt: 17. Feb 2006, 18:45
Abhi, for the Subwoofer which is the best option.....Wharfedale SW150, Velodyne or the Def Tech?

This is the address of the Wharfedale dealer in Bangalore.
# 97, Sai Brigades,
Brigade Road,
(After St.Joseph College Of Commerce)
Next To Brigade Prince Bar,
Bangalore - 25.
Contact person: Mr. Lokesh Tel: 25543287, 9880228860

I know the Def Tech too, but not sure about the Velodyne.
#17 erstellt: 20. Feb 2006, 11:36
Hi Buddy,
Velodyne is the best of the lot and price is around 26k
Next in line is Deftech at 22k and then Wharfdale SW150 at 18k.
You got choose according to the budget
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#18 erstellt: 20. Feb 2006, 18:54
I cud check out the Velodyne. Is there a Velodyne dealer in Bangalore?
#19 erstellt: 22. Feb 2006, 09:42
Yes, the dealer is Music Ranch at Jayanagar.
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#20 erstellt: 22. Feb 2006, 18:48
Abhi, I had written to Muzik Ranch.
The Velodyne VX10 (150W) costs around 25500 (as u said). Is that a good sub?
Besides, the person suggested Tannoy 5.1 sats package.
(...and there I go wandering again....) :-)

I can stick to the Sonodyne Genie-2s and the Velodyne, right? Or is the Tannoys superior?
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#21 erstellt: 22. Feb 2006, 22:55
Besides, the Velodyne VX10 costs just around $160 in the US. Rs.25,000 in India.....hmmm...isnt that a lil too much? and how is the Sonodyne Roarr compared to the Velodyne?
#22 erstellt: 23. Feb 2006, 10:14
Dont match them.....Velodyne is a sub specialist whereas Sonodyne is mainly into speakers and electronics, they brought in the Roarr to complete there HT and thats all.
If you are looking at a sub in the price range of 12k then I can immediately suggest you the Roarr1815, its really good for the price (atleast in India) but if you raise the bar to 17k+ then forget roarr and look at others like the Wharfdale, Deftech, Velodyne etc...

Its that simple.
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#23 erstellt: 23. Feb 2006, 18:42
Thanx Abhi

For a hall around 200-250 sq feet, wud a powered sub Velodyne VX10 (150W) do fine?
The Muzik Ranch also offers a 2-year warranty.
Have you listened to the VX10? If yes, how does it sound?
(is there any particular model of a brand you wud personally suggest?)

I have almost decided on the AV300R and the 5 Genie-2s. Its only the sub I have to zero in on.
Yep, I can go in for a 17K+ sub for quality sound.
#24 erstellt: 28. Feb 2006, 12:43
Hi Juggy,
I havent listened to the Velodynes yet but they have got superb reviews and they are known for subs so I think if you can afford then go for it. Do listen to it before buying....its for than enough for your room size.
#25 erstellt: 28. Feb 2006, 14:24
Hey guys,

The budget today has cut the marginal (max) customs duty from 15% to 10%.

Hopefully, new, imported Hi Fi will be a bit cheasper after 1st April....
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#26 erstellt: 28. Feb 2006, 20:53
whats the ideal speaker cable gauge??

does the gauge differ between the front and rear speakers coz of the difference in distance?

and does the center speakers require special speaker wires?
(i had the doubt 'bout the center speaker cable coz Monster Cables has special Center Speaker cables!!!)
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