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#1 erstellt: 20. Jan 2012, 18:00
Hello experts!

I have an issue (actually I think these are potentially two separate issues) trying to make my Samsung UE55D8090 TV work with my Yamaha RX-A810 AVR. As I want to use the ARC, the AVR's "HDMI out 1" is connected to the TV's "HDMI in 2 (ARC)". Further, on the AVR side, "HDMI control" is enabled and on the TV side, "Anynet+" and the "Receiver" option are turned on. In general, the ARC and the CEC control seem to work ok (e.g. changing the volume using the TV remote changes the volume on the AVR and the Anynet+ window shows up on the screen).

I have an external source (multimedia-player) connected to the AVR's "HDMI in 2". For watching from the multimedia-player I defined AVR Scene "BD/DVD", for watching TV I defined the AVR Scene "TV".

Scene "BD/DVD":
- AVR source "HDMI in 2"
- AVR out "HDMI out 1"

Scene "TV":
- AVR source "AV4" (some source needs to be assigned and this seems to be the default for "TV")
- AVR out "HDMI out 1" (also tried "none" here, no difference)

Further, I have configured the AVR remote to have the correct IR codes configured for the "permanent TV section" and for the "source-specifc" section (for TV and multimedia-player). All of this works fine.

Say I am watching TV with the TV source set to "TV" (internal tuner) and the AVR set to Scene "TV". Everything is great, TV picture is showing and the AVR plays the sound from the ARC.

Now I press the Scene "BD/DVD" button on the AVR remote. The AVR switches to Scene "BD/DVD" and it tells the TV via CEC to switch its source to "HDMI in 2". Everything works as expected.

Here comes Issue 1:
Now I press the Scene "TV" button on the AVR remote. The AVR switches to Scene "TV" but it does not tell the TV to switch to source "TV" (internal tuner). The TV source is stuck on "HDMI in 2". When I then manually switch the TV source to "TV" (internal tuner), a message pops-up telling me that Anynet+ gets disconnected before I actually see the TV picture and hear the sound via ARC. Weird. ???

Now say both devices, the TV and the AVR, are turned off (actually it is standby), which e.g. I can achieve by pressing the "Off" button in the "permanent TV section" on the AVR remote, as this turns off the TV and the TV sends a CEC command to turn off to the AVR.

Here comes Issue 2:
Now I press the Scene "BD/DVD" button on the AVR remote. The AVR turns on and switches to Scene "BD/DVD". The AVR then via CEC turns on the TV and switches the TV's source to "HDMI in 2". So, all is good. But after about 5 seconds, for no obvious reason, the AVR switches to the its "AV4" source, which I suspect to happen because of some (wrong) CEC command from the TV, who knows ???

As I am in SW development for 20 years, the first thing I did was to make sure I have the latest SW on both devices (which I think I have: AVR 1.18, TV 001021). Then I tried to reconfigure and refresh everything several times to no avail. What am I doing wrong here? Some research on the internet reveals that at least my Issue 2 is shared by other people using Samsung TVs with AVRs of various makers (so this seems to be a TV SW issue). Issue 1 feels more like a AVR SW issue.

Any insight? What can I do to further debug it?


#2 erstellt: 21. Jan 2012, 17:35
Do yourself a favour and switch off the HDMI CEC totaly on TV and on AVR.

It´s always making nonsense, even if you have your Equipment from only one Brand - with two or more different Manufactureres it´s getting worse or close to impossible...

P.S. a macro-programmable Remote-Control will do all you want perfectly!

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