Marantz PM-95 Class A

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#1 erstellt: 23. Okt 2003, 17:14
Moin, moin !

Kennt jemand den Marantz PM-95 Class A und hat nähere Angaben darüber (Aufbau, Zahlen etc.)?
Und wenn wir schon dabei sind: Technics SE-M 100 Digital Power Amplifier?

THX in advance


G. Warnecke

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#2 erstellt: 05. Jun 2004, 08:10
Ich habe einer gekauft ein paar wochen zuruck.
Mus mich mal umsehen for daten habe irgendwo nog ein prospect.
Aber das weis ich schon:
125 Watt AB
30 Watt A
Schalter fur class schaltung einstellung.
CDA12 DAC ist intigrierd in den amp. (nur einer der beste je gebouwt:)
Geb mir dein email adresse und ich konte dir ein par foto's schikken
Grussen aus holland

Hi I just got me a Marantz PM95 a few weeks ago.
(and I fell in love with it!)
I must look for specs I got a brochure stacked somewhere in a box. But as far as I know:
125 class AB
30 Watts Class A (aktivated with a switch on the back.
CDA 12 !!! DAC integrated in the right side of the amp.
No stupid tone controls and onley the very best stuff inside.
#3 erstellt: 22. Aug 2005, 13:50
I have the PM - 95 also.
and can give you some specs.
2x 220 Watt's into 8 ohms Class AB
2x 350 Watt's into 4 ohms Class AB
2x 20 Watt's into 8 ohms Class A
Weight is around 35 Kilograms.
It has indeed the DAC12 build in. whitch souds slightly more natural than a CDA-94. I use it togeter with my Model 8b Power and Model 3300 pre in bi-amp configuration. The PM-95 powers my passive subwoofers becaus its the best sounding bass i can get out of my system.
Its sounds very good, can match the top hi-end stuff from accuphase and luxman, but not the vintage marantz amps like the 3250/170DC or 3300/250. I havn't yet compared it to the PM 94 digital, but thats going to happen. (They say the PM-94 is even better). I don't really like the build in pre-amp. Like almost all after '90 models the power-amp is superb but the preamps are not all that.
Im thinking of modifying my pm95 to have a pre-out and pre-in, so I can use it with another pre-amp. Or maby im going to alter the pre-amp.

In Class A the amp get's a little better it delivers more detail, sounds a bit warmer and the background opens up.
In general this amp sounds very smooth with almost unlimited dynamics. Wouldn't think it delivers only 20 watts in class A because it playes still very loud!
If ure using hi-efficiency LS with like 90 db/1m/1W the Class A is most recomendable. This amp however is the wanahave for Magnapan or ESL users because of the incredible stability (powers upto 400 Watt's into 2 ohms with ease.)In all, a true flagship of the '90. And a very very expensive one it was too, it cost about 7000 DM at the time.

Hope this helps. If u cant find prospects I know some guyes who do have em.
#4 erstellt: 12. Dez 2017, 13:08
does anyone have user manual for this amplifier and its remote RC-95PM? I would really appreciate it.
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