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#1 erstellt: 14. Feb 2004, 00:14
Sorry if i write in english, i'm italian. i live on lake garda

i want to buy some cds from america and i can't decide where buy them in order not to pay import taxes from america....

do you know any good also europe sites where to buy cds or order from america affordable possibly?

thank you

P.S. if i order from and buy cds from america do they arrive directly to my home or fisrt in germany and then in italy so i don't pay taxes?
#2 erstellt: 14. Feb 2004, 01:45

if you buy cds in Amerika, you have to pay duty. It doesn´t matter, if the cds arrive in Germany first (it is an import into the EU).

But because of the high EURO, the price of the cds inclusive duty should be not so high.

Maybe the Amerikan Seller could declare the cds as a gift (than you have not to pay duty)!

Greetings from Germany

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#3 erstellt: 14. Feb 2004, 12:11
So if i choose GIFT options when i order do you think i don't pay import duties?

any other good sites you suggest??

#4 erstellt: 14. Feb 2004, 18:19
No, to choose the gift option only means, that the seller wraps up the package in present paper!

The seller have to declare the package at the customs as a gift to you. So it has no worth, because it is a gift. Then you have not to pay duty. But this is not legal, but some sellers do this! Ask them per mail.

But how I told you before, because of the strong EURO, cds bought in USA are cheap for European buyers at the moment.

Greetings Lars
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#5 erstellt: 14. Feb 2004, 20:08
ok i understood thank you

if you had to order cds from america , where would you buy them?,,

others? (towerrecords?)

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