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#1 erstellt: 14. Feb 2004, 15:53
Do you know if their products are THE SAME changes only the brand name (vincent import from cina)

or have they differences ,important products differences?

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#2 erstellt: 14. Feb 2004, 17:11
1. Yes, Vincent is the German brand name for Sheng Ya amplifiers and CD players.

2. Sometimes, at eBay, you'll find Vincent/Sheng Ya amplifiers for sale. These are parallal imports of the same thing.

Regards, Thomas
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#3 erstellt: 14. Feb 2004, 19:05
Hi Thomas! thank you again after the klipsch thread!

so they are the same thing! i ask because a seller here in italy sais that they are different and vincent uses different and better materials than sheng ya.....for him this is the reason of the difference in price also...

but have a look in

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#4 erstellt: 14. Feb 2004, 19:21
A most illuminating site, thank you very much. When do they deliver ...

If you order from China, you won't have any real warranty. I know what I'm talking about, I ordered commercial samples many times.

Shipping charges should be hefty on a 25+kg amp, shouldn't they?

BTW: I just discovered that even an inexpensive Arcam A 80 sounds better with my KEF Reference boxes than my old Vincent/Sheng Ya SV 236 (price in Germany: 1,300 Euros, price in China: ).

Also note that MAYBE, international distributors make post-import changes to the units - which would add to the price.

Regards, Thomas
#5 erstellt: 15. Feb 2004, 04:51
I think I stated that already before somewhere on this page, but whatever ...
There is no built difference between Vincent and Sheng-Ya. There could be an A-component / B-component difference for the parts used, the Sheng-Ya sales wasn't really clear about this point.
What is clear however, is the fact that Shang-Ya is ONLY a brand in the P.R. China, so if you purchase it somewhere else you won't be able to get any support and I'm quite convinced that the Vincent resellers won't help you (for the obvious reasons).

Greetings from Shanghai.
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#6 erstellt: 15. Feb 2004, 10:52
It's still very interesting to note the price differences, especially with highend tube amplifiers.

#7 erstellt: 16. Feb 2004, 04:34

that's for sure and I didn't want to scare people away from buying Sheng-Ya abroad.
But it explains at least part of the price increase.
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