Stop me from buying Bose, please!

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#1 erstellt: 04. Jan 2007, 23:34
For our kitchen/dining area (28m2), I seriously consider buying a Bose 3-2-1 system or at least the Acustimass 5 speaker set.

The main reason is that there is only little suitable space for spakers. (my wife wont allow large speakers)

The satelite position would be on a glass covered wall close to the cealing with the dining table centered in front.

It will only be used for music, mostly Rock and Pop. No surround, movies, games etc.

Other wishes/priorities are:
RDS tuner
USB/ethernet connectivity for mp3 and internet radio

Any alternative recomendation, comments or guidance will be much appreciated. Please do not hesitate to reply in German. Thanks.
#2 erstellt: 04. Jan 2007, 23:59
How is the mass of the utility space? You want only two loudspeakers or 5 or a simple radio. With the Bose 3-2-1 you need place for the subwoofer.
#3 erstellt: 05. Jan 2007, 00:05
On one side of the window (corner of the room) there is about 50cm wall. Thats where I plan to put the sub.
#4 erstellt: 05. Jan 2007, 00:22
I do not provide so completely, why you need a system with a subwoofer? Which is with a small compact unit which the music in the background run lets?
#5 erstellt: 05. Jan 2007, 11:51

the general view in this forum is: BOSE is WAY to expensive for the sound 'quality' they deliver.

Alternatives might be:
Yamaha PianoCraft CRX-E400
Onkyo CBX-100
or one of the Teak radio-combos

#6 erstellt: 05. Jan 2007, 20:29
Thanks. This is the kind of suggestions I was hoping for. Only the Pianocraft speakers are also too big.

Is it only sold as a set? or can it be bought without speakers?

I really need something with two satelites...
#7 erstellt: 05. Jan 2007, 21:32
You can sell the loudspeakers individually.

But the Yamaha Painaocraft has some USB entrance for mp3 or ethernet?
#8 erstellt: 06. Jan 2007, 11:20
My first priority is to find a mini system that can be combined with a 2.1 speaker set; similar to Bose 3-2-1 or accusticmass.

USB and ethernet are secondary wishes but I know it comes with some mini systems.

The Bose 3-2-1 would in fact suit my primary needs. Since many have the oppinion that Bose is too much money for what it does, I simply ask what could be an alternative in my case??

Sorry for obviously not being clear on this.
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#9 erstellt: 06. Jan 2007, 15:40
You could buy a 2.1 system from logitech, creative. those systems sound good. its no high end, but you cant get high-end-sound from little speakers.

those speakers are not very expensive and they will not sound worse than bose. to spend lots of money cant change the physics of those speakers.

if you want to enjoy big sound with little speakers - try good headphones.
#10 erstellt: 06. Jan 2007, 19:46

An alternative to Bose 321 for less money: TEAC MC-DV 250
#11 erstellt: 06. Jan 2007, 21:09
Thank you highfly. I am now hooked on to the Teac dr-h300 and would consider combining it with Teufel Motiv 2 or Teufel Concept E.

Are anyone able to compare this solution to my original thought about Bosè?
#12 erstellt: 06. Jan 2007, 23:41

I agree with MusikGurke, Logitech makes some nice Systems at a bargain. I would honestly suggest a Yamaha Pianocraft System and a serious conversation with your wife. You can wall-mount the Speakers, they are not really over-sized! What happened to men? Don't bow down, unless she is paying for it!


PS: Do not buy that overpriced crap. I know, I had.
#13 erstellt: 07. Jan 2007, 11:07
Fhtagn, do you mean that the best would be to keep the Pianocraft speakers and the next best would be to combine Pianocraft with the Logitec 2.1 ?

I naturally agree with your comments about men and our wifes. However in this case there are other good reasons, -like the wall is almost entirely glass. There is only about 15cm concrete between the window and the cealing. This is enough space for two satelites but not for any speakers that I know of.

Logitech Z2300~€ 115, plus Pianocraft ~€ 370, Total= € 485 is a better buy than Bose 3-2-1 at €650

If I spend a little more and buy the Teac DR-H 300 ~€ 440 with the Logitec Z2300 ~€ 115, Total ~€ 555 I get the USB connector at the front.

Am I right?

Logitec Z2300 and Teufel Concept E seems to be about the same price. Can anyone compare their performance?
#14 erstellt: 07. Jan 2007, 13:36
Hi there!

Really small speakers will never sound good. Thats physics. Therefore I`m convinced, that even the Pianocraft is way too good for such a constellation, as soon as the original speakers are exchanged.

Teufel may be a good compromise, but again: They can`t change physics either. By the way: The Concept E is a surround-set. But they have some stereo setups in the range, too. Take a closer look on these ones.

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#15 erstellt: 09. Jan 2007, 02:54

the original Pinaocraft Speakers are more suitable for music. The 2.1 PC Systems are always a bit too strong on the lower end. The bass is simply too "wumpy".
I use an older Logitech Z-340 for PC Games, not as good as the Z-2300 but not much worse. The Pianocraft speakers are not that big, combined with slim and nicely designed stands they will offer the best value.
Bose is cheap in built quality and sound, I know, I had Bose speakers for years and will never ever buy one of their products again.
Your biggest problem with the Logitechs and most other PC-Satellite systems will be the cable length. Usually they are short, fixed and proprietary, so they cannot be easily replaced. The TEAC is an alternative, but keep in mind that your sound will be not that good if you mount the sats right under the ceiling.
My neighbour has some very tiny speakers in his dining area, i will ask him what brand they are, i cant recall now.

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#16 erstellt: 09. Jan 2007, 12:09

if you want to listen to webradios you can use the Noxon Audio system.
you even do not need an ethernet cable if you have wireless-LAN. (good reason to get this approved by your "government" (=wife )

with the noxon you can access webradios AND mp3 files saved on the local hard-disk on your computer - wireless!

but i have to say that i dont own a noxon audio by myself - so the information i have is only "theoretical"

here is the link for it: http://entertainen.t...file=article&sid=241

#17 erstellt: 09. Jan 2007, 12:49
If you really want small speakers, i would suggest the ct209 from "Klang und Ton". The problem with these speakers: they are selve-assembly-kits. It is not difficult to build them(just a simple small box), and if you don't dare to do it, i'm sure you will find a carpenter who can.

They can't play very loud, but for their size, they sound really good. And the price is fair.
#18 erstellt: 09. Jan 2007, 21:01

LaVeguero schrieb:

"By the way: The Concept E is a surround-set. But they have some stereo setups in the range, too. Take a closer look on these ones. ;)

Is there anything wrong in using a suround system for stereo? Pricewise there does not seem to be much difference.

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