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QUADRAL Platinum M4 vs M40

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#1 erstellt: 23. Jul 2016, 16:41

What is the differences between QUADRAL Platinum M4 and M40?

As far as i know M4 is far cheaper...

#2 erstellt: 24. Jul 2016, 03:10
M4 is the older model (~2009), M40 the newer one (~2012). I haven't heard neither, but the Quadral website gives the following technical differences:

Nominal/music power : M4: 140/200W; M40: 160/240W (negligible difference)
Crossover frequency (Hz): M4: 280/3000; M40: 320/2450 (mid-range more narrow; might be due to different tweeter?)
Efficiency (dB/1W/1m): M4: 90; M40: 89 (negligible difference)
Tweeter: M4: RiCom-M; M40: RiCom-V (that's the main difference; Quadral very proud of their newer tweeter)
Size (h x w x d) in mm: M4: 1001 x 210 x 317.5; M40: 1000.4 x 210 x 317.5 (I doubt that....: M40 0.6mm (!) lower???)

edit: for a comparison of the M5 (old) vs M50 (newer), in the Q&A section the seller (I assume) states that the older model had too much bass emphasis whereas the newer one is neutral due to the new tweeter (same as in M40), a new cross over network, and "better cable"... (=BS).

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