What should I change for the best upgrade?

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#1 erstellt: 04. Jan 2008, 09:55
Hello to all ye experts !

Here goes my story - the hunt for the perfect upgrade.

My set up : Marantz CD 7300 cdp, Marantz PM 7200 amp and Jamo E855. Also I have not invested in any cables or interconnects (I am using probably the lowest grade cables and I have not done biwiring).

My problem : Fatigue , some how I tire out with my set up. Its not a particular sound problem (though I feel the mid range is not good with the Jamos) but it is more related to fatigue I guess, I tire out after an hour or two and I feel something is wrong.

My research thus far : The following is something I did that I think is an acid test in order to determine who is my weakest link (speaker/amp, cables apart of course)

I got my friend\'s NAD C372, hooked it up to my CD7300 and Jamos in order to see if my amp has an issue. The NAD definitely rocks - the sound is more natural and the bass is tight. Somehow the marantz sounded more coloured to me.

Then I took my Marantz PM 7200, hooked it up to my friends CD 7200 and Dynaudio Audience 52. So some configuration except that now I am seeing if there is a problem with my speakers. And man, did the Dyns rock, they sound fantabulous !!!

So in effect, I think my first upgrade should be the NAD - it sounds lovely, less tiring, less "shrilly" (I think the marantz overdoes the high/low freq making it tiresome, IMHO!). And this NAD can drive anyone, they are bloody powerful. Right?

Now for your expert advice : What should I do? I really think the NAD is my next logical step. But then I hear that the Dyns require something much more powerful than the C372. Is that true?
On the other hand I am also tempted to leave the PM7200 untouched and get rid of the Jamos and put the Dyns in their place. Would that be a problem, are the Dyns too much for the marantz PM7200? I am thoroughly confused and I turn to all you folks for your opinion/advice.
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#2 erstellt: 04. Jan 2008, 12:07
Usually, the speakers are the weakest (or most decisive) part of your setup.

The AMp itself should not do too much (although I do not know the Pm7200).

I would first try a couple new speakers (not necessarily the Dyn, as I am not a friend of the audience series). They have most potential, and usually they have way more influence on the sound than any Amp even CAN have.

But, of course, Using a NAD is not the worst idea
#3 erstellt: 04. Jan 2008, 22:49
The Marantz just as the NAD are able to power nearly any speaker up to pretty high sound levels.

You ran your second test in your friend's room? The influence of the changed room acoustics is much much more important than any chance of amp, cd-player etc could ever be - so this was no meaningful test.

My advice: try some other speakers - in your own room!
#4 erstellt: 05. Jan 2008, 01:37
Why dont you buy the Myryad MXI2150?
Great sound,dynymics,...
great regards,Andreas
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#5 erstellt: 05. Jan 2008, 20:24

NAD definitely is not the worst choice, and it has a good value/price ratio. I ran an elderly pre-amp power-amp combo, and it made a very good job even with more high-end speakers and CD-drive/DAC combo. I've also listened to the NAD 372 (but not at home), and the new model still appeared to be a good amplifier.
But this could also be true for the Marantz, I don't know.

But what I know for sure through a long course of audio enjoyment and testing:

- Loudspeakers probably make up the biggest portion of the performance, they determine a major part of your systems abilities and character
- Loudspeakers closely interact with YOUR room, especially regarding reflections and room resonances
- Loudspeakers closely interact with your amplifier
- EVERYTHING matters. What you "hear" is the end product in a long chain, starting from the recording and mastering companies' equipment, abilities and audio preferences, your source component (CD player), interconnects, amplifier, ls cables, loudspeaker, room and last but not least your subjective audio preferences and kind of listening (and even this may change over time and experience). Change only one of the above-mentioned chain links, and the result will be different to some degree.

If you want to hear my advice:
1. Be open-minded.
2. There is only one expert regarding your listening pleasure, and it is YOU.
3. Try a lot. Gain listening experience. At home and out there. Try also different music even beyond your preferred material.
4. If you want to buy something for your home system, try it at home. Take time, don't judge in a few minutes, nor even in a few hours.
5. For tests in your home system, include different styles of music, but focus on your preferred music. That is not a contradiction. A decent system must perform good for many music styles (if not, something is fake), but every system has characteristics which are more suitable for certain music in combination with your taste.
6. If your system is above 1000 bucks: Try different interconnects and ls cables. At a minimum, through away the standard crap. *)
7. Be open-minded. Repeat 1-6 until you stop listening to music at all, or until you're deaf or dead.

Although I didn't give you precise advice about certain components, what you might have expected, I hope it helps you.


*)(If you look in the internet, there are a few cable deniers. Nobody knows how many, or the percentage. But everybody I know personally (=100%), and that is a few, hear that cables make up a difference in almost every setup). Don't believe me, try on your own until you hear it. The better the system and the more listening experience you have the bigger differences can be.
#6 erstellt: 07. Jan 2008, 11:10
That is indeed great advice. I am primarily seeking advice in terms of experience with such equipment before and in terms of technical specs like can a Marantz drive the Dyns. What you have said makes a lot of sense and I will bear all of this in mind when I do the upgrade. I am taking my time about it, I was not this judicious the first time. At the time I did my initial set up there were very few choices with me in the town I reside, so I just had to pick the best of what I was offered. Now I am not going to make that same mistake, I'd rather take more time and settle with something that I think I will not have to upgrade for the next 10 years or so.

I have never heard of the Myryad and I dont think we have any dealers in India for it.

You are right, the second test was conducted in my friend's room only and it is a fairly larger and better sounding room. So from what you tell me, the PM7200 is pretty good and powerful enough for the Dyns. So if I can convince myself of the Dyns in my room then that is what I should be procuring right?
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#7 erstellt: 07. Jan 2008, 15:38

You live in India? Interesting, how come that you know this forum?

You're welcome!

#8 erstellt: 09. Jan 2008, 10:36
I generally love to read stuff related to audio (philes) and the like... so I stumbled upon this forum and I was a passive reader for some time and I was impressed with the posts and the amount of expertise this forum carries. So I decided to become active...
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#9 erstellt: 09. Jan 2008, 13:50

There are not so many english topics here, nevertheless, if you seek German advice in English language, many many of us should be able to.

I'm sure you already know these ones?

Cheers, Marcus
#10 erstellt: 10. Jan 2008, 09:34
Thanks a ton Marcus !!
Thats why I posted my question to all and not only the English speaking forums

In general, what is the opinion on Dyns? I heard the 122s too and they sound real good. Every Dyn I heard beats the Jamo E855 hands down. I am now more inclined to believe that my PM7200 is not a big problem at all. I think my speakers need change and I think that is the general consensus too!
#11 erstellt: 10. Jan 2008, 15:30

cannon_dt schrieb:
So from what you tell me, the PM7200 is pretty good and powerful enough for the Dyns. So if I can convince myself of the Dyns in my room then that is what I should be procuring right?

I'm pretty sure the Marantz will have no problem driving the Dynaudios.
#12 erstellt: 11. Jan 2008, 08:28
Thanks Amperlite, I am not "almost" convinced that I should relieve the Jamos first.

Also I auditioned Acoustic Energy Neo floorstanders, Epos M12.2 and the Dyn 122 /Audience 52 and Focus 110, Canton 407.
All of them sound great but my pick is the 52s. Any suggestions/experiences with the above list? Any other speaker suggestions that I should audition?
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