Grundig RPC 2500-2 Radio DEFEKT

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#1 erstellt: 18. Dez 2011, 21:27
Hallo from Greece.
Sorry i don't speak German, I just joined and i need all the help i can get from the forum.
I have an Grundig RPC 2500 which worked great all those years.
Suddenly the radio stopped to function and i hear nothing but a FFFZZZZ and no stations all over the scale, either in FM or LW or MW. When i try to change stations go only 0,05 MHz up or down and then everything "locks". javascript:insert(' ','')
Cassette and Turntable works great.
I found a topic with the same problem but i cannot understand the internet translation and how our friend fix the problem with his stereo.
Its a great looking compact stereo. Please if anyone can help me email me at: or give an answer to this forum.
Thanks in advance.
All the best from Greece,
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