Testbericht Marantz 2500 gesucht

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#1 erstellt: 02. Okt 2002, 10:10
ich suche einen Testbericht für den Marantz 2500, vermutlich in der Zeitschrift "Hi-Fi-Stereofonie", in den 70-iger Jahren. Originalheft oder auch als Kopie!
#2 erstellt: 02. Okt 2002, 12:26
Hallo Lothar,

willkommen in unserem Forum.

Ich habe zwar nicht den von Dir beschriebenen Artikel gefunden, allerdings folgende Review (ich hoffe, daß Du dem Englischen mächtig bist ):

This receiver is insane. To begin with, it outputs 185 watts/channel, weighs between 60 and 70 pounds, and has capacitors that are the size of a 12-oz. beer can. I play it against my other equipment that may cost more now-a-days, and it beats the stuffing out of them. It's no contest. I have this receiver hooked up to some 40-year-old Acoustic Research speakers that I have had re-foamed and the crossovers rebuilt, and it sounds absolutlely sick. It can really make you forget where you are. I'm a really big fan of the Pioneer SX receiver line, as well as McIntosh's big amps, but this receiver is just crazy-good: a freak of the audio world.

The AR's really like lots of power to sound good, and this receiver is able to drive them like they were stock cars on nitro. There is a lot of dynamic quality in the music, fast punches in the gut of very big sound when the orchestra kicks up its heels, followed by sweet, delicately handled interludes. It really delivers the punch with dynamic force, clarity and control, and softer moments with delicacy, excellent tone and detail. The tonal quality is extremely nice and accurate, and sound stage is superior. The space between the instruments is definitely more defined in the music than in any one of my other amplifiers or receivers.

When you have warm sound though, you compromise a little bit of precision. But this give-and-take situation of warmth vs. detail is very well balanced in this receiver. The loss is not really noticable, but the benefit certainly is. The absolutely un-rivaled, superior quality of sound really identifies this receiver. You've got to try it. God in heaven, try it. 5 stars all the way.

Review for 2385 Receiver: Sound so dynamic, musical, detailed and forceful that I've never heard before.

You might have a hard time finding one, or paying the price. I really wanted it though, and it was worth every penny.

Similar Products Used:
Marantz 2226B and 2285B, McIntosh amps, Sansui receivers, Pioneer SX receivers. Tube amps, etc.....

Es handelt sich hier zwar um den 2385, aber es dürfte nicht so große Unterschiede geben!
#3 erstellt: 06. Nov 2002, 20:09
zu Marantz 2500:
in den "Hi-Fi-Stereofonie-Jahrbüchern von 1973 bis 1983 ist nichts aufgeführt.
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