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#1 erstellt: 19. Sep 2003, 00:02
Hello everyone!
After spending 2 years with my current set of speakers, and since I moved to a new apartment, I decided it's about time I replaced them with something better!

My system consists of the following:
NAD C350,
Marantz CD67MkII OSE,
Avance Omega501 on Appolo stands,
Kimber 4TC speaker cable,
Van Den Hul D102MkIII Hybrid I/C.

The main disadvantage of my current speakers is lack of bass - although they love mid and high frequences.I mainly hear acoustic music and I like my speakers to be "musical" with good midband.I don't like monitor-sounding speakers.

So after a bit of searching around (a lot actually!) I've made the following shortlist:
Audiovector C2MkII
Mission V63
Avance Dana 760
Quad 21L

Since I don't have the ability to audition all of them I would be happy if you could share your experience with any of the above (or just your opinions)!

Thanks everyone for your interest!

Yours,Kostas Fissarakis
#2 erstellt: 19. Sep 2003, 16:29

Firstofall: Welcome to!

Maybe you should also listen to some (floor-standing) b&w, dynaudio or kef?

What does "musical" mean? That the speakers should not reproduce the music exactly, but make it warmer e.g.?
#3 erstellt: 19. Sep 2003, 18:01
Firstofall: It's good to be here!

When I say "musical" I mean kind of easy-listening, "tube-like" sounding!I can't stand monitor-sounding speakers!The Kef's are kind of what I'm looking for.I had a chance to audition a pair of Kef's Concerto One side by side with the Avance Dana but the later was closer to what I'm looking for.
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#4 erstellt: 20. Sep 2003, 07:20
so you are looking for really nice playing speakers?

The kef speakers are really good but I've never heard of Avance
I listened to a kef q5 yesterday and I was impressed by it's clear sound (see the thread "what to buy" for details), but I still have to check dynaudio and b&w, maybe mission.

I'll check these on monday or tuesday, maybe my results can help.
#5 erstellt: 20. Sep 2003, 13:01
Hello Onion!
I'll try and here some Kef too - probably Q7 a friend suggested.Avance is a Danish company..There are so many manufacturers when it come to speaker it's impossible to know all of them!!Some brands are very popular in one country and noone knows them in another - it mainly depends on who imports them..Audiovector are another example!At around €1000 the Audiovector's C2MkII are considered to be "reference" speakers in Greece but I can't seem to find anyone to have heard them abroad!!
Anyway, I'd be really happy if you could share your experience when you audition some more speakers!

#6 erstellt: 20. Sep 2003, 17:51
"Musical" speakers, now I got it.

Mission might be a good joice, but you should try kef.

Ain't the avance speaker no. 670 (and not 760)? I can't find 760 at the avance homepage.
The audiovector looks nice! In my opinion a bit better than the avance.
You should try and listen to them.

I'll look up which b&w and dynaudio are available at about EUR 1000, maybe I can name you some other speakers worth a try.
#7 erstellt: 20. Sep 2003, 22:25
Hello Frank!
Yeap!You're right!Avance 670 is what I meant!I've auditioned the Avance 680XT which are VERY good but I'm afraid they're over my budget so I'm now looking at the 670..The 680XT is quite better though,bigger, with a ring-tweeter etc. I wish I could afford it because I really like the sound of Avance..
I'm mainly thinking of going for the Audiovector or the Avance 670 or KEF Q7..I'll try to audition those for a start!
Have you heard the Audiovector C2MkII?Everyone in the Greek HiFi community is urging me to go for them (the HiFi press here praises them a lot and I've talked with owners who only had good things about them!) but I'm hesitant because I can't seem to find anything about them on the net!!I guess my ears will give the answer once more!!

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#8 erstellt: 21. Sep 2003, 14:47

No, I haven't heard of the Audiovector C2Mk2, but if there's nothing in the net, that's a bit odd, normally if a sepaker is very good you can find many comments about it in the net.

Have you already heard the avance 670 or just the 680XT? I don't think that the 670's is much away from the one by the 680XT. But you should audition it, best would be to compare the both of them, so you know if the 670 is really good
#9 erstellt: 21. Sep 2003, 17:14
Hi shaman,

more info on the Audiovector C2 MK2 can be found here:

I can only speak for the Kef Q7 which I use with a Arcam A-85 and from my point of view I can easily recommend them.

If you will be able to test the Audiovector against the Kef Q7 your report will be much apreciated.

Kind regards.
- Wilfried
#10 erstellt: 22. Sep 2003, 00:17
Hello everyone!

Frank, I couldn't find many references about Avance as well but I can assure it's a very honest company with very good speakers across their range!They have a special "character" that you get really used to and it's difficult to find elsewhere!If anyone of you likes "musical" (as defined previously! ;)) speakers I would suggest you give them a try!The thing with Audiovector is that I can find NO reviews about the C2MkII at all in foreign sources!!In fact the only review they quote on their website -follow the link wn has posted- is from a Greek magazine!!I must note that I've found good reviews about their more expensive speakers though!
I've auditioned the 680XT (side by side with a pair of KEF Concerto1) but not the 670.The guy at the HiFi shop I usually go doesn't have a pair of the later in stock.The 680XT were great and, if I could, I'd go for them without a second thought - I'm very fond of Avance as you might have noticed! The owner of the shop told me that the 670 were quite inferior to the 680XT.I have no reason to question him since he never told me something that wasn't right before but I'm going to try and audition them anyway.
wn thanks a lot for your interest!I already knew that URL but it's the intention to help that counts! I found the KEF Concerto1 very close to what I'm looking for and I think that the Q7 are going to be very interesting since it's a newer model and a bit more expensive..
I'll travel to Athens soon (where there are many more HiFi shops) and I'll audition everything we mentioned!I'll keep you informed guys!
#11 erstellt: 22. Sep 2003, 10:38
Hey!I just found this review in the "HiFi Choice" archive:

It's about the C2.The C2MkII is an improved version.Now if I could only find what has been improved...
#12 erstellt: 22. Sep 2003, 16:48
Hey Shaman!

"What did they improve"
That's a very good question, best would be to get the chance to audition both of them.

So you are trying to hear:
Audiovector C2Mk2
Kef Q7
Avance 670

#13 erstellt: 22. Sep 2003, 19:20
That's right Frank!These 3 speakers are in my shortlist now!If I have time I'll audition the Quad 21L too..I'll keep in touch!
Thanks again for your help guys!
#14 erstellt: 23. Sep 2003, 18:12

Thanks again for your help guys!

That's why we are here!

Looking forward to read about your results!

#15 erstellt: 29. Okt 2003, 15:44

Try Cadence Arita....., nothing more musical than a Cadence. They will blow your mind.

I have heard the Quad 21L and 22L and they are good. No doubts about that.
#16 erstellt: 25. Dez 2003, 11:33
Hi there,

I have something to tell about the Mission V63. I've just bought them and I want to write a very short review, before I the feeling of novelty vanishes away.

Before I had a pair of Mission M74. That sounded statisfactory for me, but these boxes sound really better.
Generally I listen to jazz, classical and sometimes to electric music. I drive my boxes with a Yamaha DSP-A1, what is one of the best amplifiers I know.
Also, these new boxes have a more direct, finer sound. Someway the music is more corolful, more detailed, especially by the mid and the high range.

I can only recommend them.
#17 erstellt: 25. Dez 2003, 11:46
somehow missions always give me ear fatigue....I have yet to hear a massion that does not...god know why ???
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#18 erstellt: 26. Nov 2010, 22:26
Hello .

All i have to say about your Cables is ´´RESPECT´´ ...i want them too,i hope i will get them some time later.

As for the other Gear it's nice too .

I will open some topics,you could help & add a word if you want to.

My advice is to keep your Cables away from the Floor!!!!.

Don't let them touch the floor...Vibration Control you know.

More about this I will tell you im a few weeks, when i have connected my System.

[Beitrag von KabelKlang84 am 27. Nov 2010, 16:57 bearbeitet]
#19 erstellt: 07. Dez 2010, 10:09
Hi, you want bass with musicality? How about trying the PMC speakers TB2i? The transmission line loading will ensure adequate bass even in mid sized rooms.
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