The Linkwitz orion

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#1 erstellt: 10. Feb 2010, 15:32
Have anyone ever tried building this loudspeaker. The Linkwitz orion.

On a discussion on audio asylum at least three members said this is one speaker which ended their search for their perfect loudspeaker.
#2 erstellt: 10. Feb 2010, 23:08
You know Sq_wave that's all well & good but I would ask you this: do you personally know these 3 people who have found their speaker nirvana? If yes, I will put some credibility into your statement. If no, then, your statement that this speaker is the be-all, end-all is of very little meaning.
Everybody listens differently. Plus, how many times have we read that somebody found the best amp, the best speaker, the best CDP & that they will never buy another amp/speaker/CDP ever again ONLY to see that after sometime that person is upgrading???
Same deal here!
These are open baffle speakers - some will like them, others will love them & some will dislike them. Like all things in audio.
Don't put too much credibility in their statement that this is the best speaker....
#3 erstellt: 11. Feb 2010, 05:09
Poor Sq.wave, he seems to on an receiving end for asking opinion on a speaker.

Sq.Wave, you have definetly done someone wrong
#4 erstellt: 11. Feb 2010, 08:18
Square Wave .. THANK YOU for reminding me of Linkwitz and pointing me to his site.

I remember, I was in Engineering college when his article appeared in Wireless World Magazine. I read and re-read it Several times to full understand it, and I was Most impressed with the engineering as well as user reviews of the speakers at that time.

This was my first introduction to active crossover design, and the new building block... the Op Amp intergrated circuit. I also thought the parametric equaliser was incredibly versatile.. those were the days when I thought it Un-Thinkable to have a stereo system without a tone control

Guys, please look Closely at the B&W picture of the speakers, at the bottom of the page on

The original article in Wireless World had mentioned that almost holographic imaging was obtained by suspending the speakers on a string from the ceiling. The B&W pic shows that !

Fond memories of my learings, 30+ years ago. Thanks again SQ Wave.

[Beitrag von Amp_Nut am 11. Feb 2010, 08:43 bearbeitet]
#5 erstellt: 11. Feb 2010, 08:30
man was i excited to listen to the Orion back in 2008 at RMAF . But was sorely let down. Supposedly they got it working better the second day onwards. Would love to listen to it again.
#6 erstellt: 11. Feb 2010, 11:32
I never mentioned this is the best speaker of for everyone or anyone. I keep coming across this design all over forums. It is a well-liked design by quite a few folks in hi-end audio. Some swear by them.

Recently I came across another discussion on AA about the speaker that ended their search for the perfect loudspeaker and about three or four veterans mentioned the Linkwitz Orion in their different versions/upgrades. Hence the question. Very curious to know if anyone ever attempted them
#7 erstellt: 11. Feb 2010, 16:16
linkwitz is an amazing guy..not sure of how much of a genius he is but the way he has approached this hobby and he has shared his knowledge is really commendable.

No idea of his speakers though...although i have been most intrigued by the Pluto ! Really wonder how it sounds.
#8 erstellt: 11. Feb 2010, 18:48

Amp_Nut schrieb:

Fond memories of my learings, 30+ years ago. Thanks again SQ Wave. :)

You are welcome Ampnut
#9 erstellt: 11. Feb 2010, 19:04

sivat schrieb:
Poor Sq.wave, he seems to on an receiving end for asking opinion on a speaker.

Sq.Wave, you have definetly done someone wrong :P

Naah! he was on the receiving end for suggesting that this speaker was the be-all & end-all based on some Tom/Dick/Harry's post on some popular audio forum who he (Sq_wave) has absolutely no relationship with!

Generally, if you have no idea who the person posting such messages is, then, what credibility can those posts have? Now, if a person that you know or are acquainted with says the same words, all of a sudden they begin to carry more weight. IMO.

Anyway, SQ_wave I didn't mean to beat you up for asking!
#10 erstellt: 12. Feb 2010, 07:07
@ Bombaywalla,

I did not suggest anything.
I said at least three members deem these as their ultimate loudspeaker. I was just curious about the design and was fishing for info from the DIY folks around here

I have seen discussion on these speakers in hi end forums like audiogon, DIY Audio too. Of course the folks who are into this like open baffle loudspeakers

[Beitrag von square_wave am 12. Feb 2010, 07:25 bearbeitet]
#11 erstellt: 12. Feb 2010, 09:36
I would have to back that as well....
There has been so much buzz created on that design that I have been very anxious to experience it.
Especially that Audio Critic also names its their best as well.
Would love to hear it soon.

#12 erstellt: 12. Feb 2010, 09:54
I had researched the possibility of making the orion when i first got on the 3 way active speaker project. The cost was too prohibitive given the risks involved in a first DIY project. Open baffles really do need room to breathe (pun not intended) and placement is paramount. Deaf is quite experienced with OB speakers from what i remember of his postings from way back.

I remmeber listening to 3 pairs of OB speakers at RMAF, the pass labs, the orion and the Emerald Physics. I ended up liking the EP a whole lot more than the others. Then again, the equipment was all different. Lintwitz was harping mad about showing his babies in a dinky hotel room at the Mariott. He was going on about how wrong it was acoustically and what not..I didn't stick around for long

I would love to be proven wrong about those speakers and want to listen to it again. The design is pretty much what i would want to do when i resume listening to speakers without going all out and making horn speakers (somthing like BD designs would be the bomb!! ).
#13 erstellt: 12. Feb 2010, 10:17

The BD Design looks out of this world ! Thanks
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