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#1 erstellt: 03. Dez 2014, 15:17

Ich möchte eine plattenspieler (bis 100/150 euro) kaufen.

Anyone selling or has any suggestions? Probably something old like Dual or Technics. I got a bad plattenspieler the last time from ebay, it was broken on arrival and I had much trouble with the seller who refused to pay to have it sent back. So, any suggestions would be very useful.

Sorry about the use of English, my german writing is rather bad!

#2 erstellt: 03. Dez 2014, 21:01
Hello pixar62

welcome in this nice community of analog listeners, all really nice people.....Shipping an Turntable is no too difficult, if you know, where to look for. If i buy a tt, i will send the seller a list of nessecery , hoping he will respect it. I can send you a copy, you need only to translate...

If i could pay 150 Eur for a TT, i would look for a Technics SL- Q2 / Q3 / Q33

Sorry about the use of English, i Know it`s really bad

freundliche Grüsse / w.k.r.


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#3 erstellt: 03. Dez 2014, 21:10
Buy local
Technics, the SL-Q Series, Q2/Q3/Q33.

Edit, hab ich nun echt 10min für den einen Satz gebraucht? *g

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#4 erstellt: 05. Dez 2014, 11:47
Danke!!! Also for writing in English

Ich wohne in Bochum, haben Sie Empfehlungen wo ich das hier kaufen können?
#5 erstellt: 05. Dez 2014, 12:28
Good morning,

here are some (by far not all) offers in your ambience suiting your budget:

- Thorens TD-115 (seems to be in good shape)

- Braun PS 550

- Sony PS 2350

All above showen are offered as working incl. a funktioning system/needle.

#6 erstellt: 02. Jun 2015, 14:25
Unfortunately I still havent found a good record player. Can you suggest websites where I could buy and the packaging would be good?

#7 erstellt: 02. Jun 2015, 15:37
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