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#1 erstellt: 15. Jul 2004, 08:54

first, excuse me to write in english, but I'm french and don't speak german good enough.

I have found a Dual CS 522 Plattenspieler on ebay for 25€ http://cgi.ebay.de/w...item=3825675670&rd=1 (In Germany the salesmen practise prices righter than in France )

I wait to receive it and I would like to have opinions of owners of CS 522 turntable, and I would like to know if somebody know where I can find needles for CS 522 in europe.

Thank you very much

Best Regards / Bester Respekt

#2 erstellt: 15. Jul 2004, 09:03

I have forgot, does somebody can advise me an Ortofon or other good easy to find cartridge for this turntable ?


#3 erstellt: 15. Jul 2004, 12:43

The 522 is a solid, "middle-class", belt-driven turntable from the end-70s to early 80s (the last production series with the "classic" Dual design).

It has got an ULM tonearm. That means you cannot mount a standard 1/2inch cartridge without using a special adapter.
These adapters are rare, because they aren't manufactured any longer.
Also the mounted cartridge, the Ortofon ULM 45 E, isn't available any more as spare part (new).
But, if your ULM 45 E is still in perfect condition, you may keep it. The ULM cartridges were rather good, and they do fit perfectly to these tonearms.

The needle is a DN 145 E. You may search the internet for it. These ULM needles are still widely available.

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#4 erstellt: 16. Jul 2004, 00:05
Thank you very much, and thank you for having write in english.

I have found a needle and the K cartridge adapter for a good price in Germany. I think I will buy them. The K adapter could be used if one day I want to change ULM45E by an other.

Best Regards

#5 erstellt: 28. Jul 2004, 14:29

I have received my CS522 today. I would like to change DIN connectors with Gold RCA Chassis connectors, to add "blackson" (asphalt damping material) in chassis and replace original light boxe by an heavy wood chassi. But my problem is that I don't know if this turntable could be open and how to open it, I don't see screws and bolts on the bottom ?
Does somebody could help me ?


#6 erstellt: 28. Jul 2004, 23:22
The chassis can be removed from the base. When you look at the chassis, you may see three "transport screws" (big, black cross screws). At the bottom, there are no screws. The screws are on the top (chassis).
Please open these three "transport screws" as wide as possible, until the chassis is "loose". Now you have to pull them upwards and move them to the middle of the chassis (or the "head" of the screws away from the chassis/base). This may seem a bit difficult in the beginning, but if you have some patience and handle the parts carefully, the chassis soon will be "released".
#7 erstellt: 02. Aug 2004, 08:35
Thank you very much

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