Beocenter 7700 Problem

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#1 erstellt: 05. Aug 2015, 02:16
Ich habe diese nachricht bei Beoworld auf Englisch gepostet, und da ja Deutsch keine Muttersprache von mir ist, bitte ich Euch um Verständnis, weil ich es nicht übersetze, Wer mir antworten möchte, sollte es selbstversändlich auf Deutsch machen. Danke schön
So I ordered this Beocenter from a guy from Denmark, optically was good, nothing was broken or anything, except for the plastic big thing under the turntable lid. But it would have been easy to glue it somehow. The turntable worked, I skyped with the dude, radio as well. He didn't have any cassettes, so he couldn't test that part of the machine, but he said, that it's probably working, but I have to clean the "heads". I didn't know what was that or anything, but since it wasn't that expensive, I thought, ok I'll take it and deal withe the problems.

One week later I'm opening the package, and my oh my, am I disappointed. Two main things fell into my eye. Firstly, the small part down left, which is sorta coming out of BC fell completely off, was just broken. Does it have any function, can it be glued back? I think that the electrical components underneath it weren't damaged, but I'm no expert. Secondly, the second lid, the programming lid couldn't be closed, because the small plastic peace which enabled that came off. I don't know there is it, probably somewhere inside the device. Can it be just glued somehow? Also this lid, it can't come down easily, because when you push it, something in the back just "snaps", as if it is holding the lid back. Also, the black part behind the lid, where all the connectors are moves a little bit, so the lid can come down. Anybody knows what's the story with that?

Now to the really fun part. So, i thought, never mind, that''s plastic, it can be glued together, you'll find out what heads are, just relax. And I turn it on. The arm moved, the red lights shone. The guy put some paper towels above the plate, which I forgot to take off, so I plug it out. I removed the paper and plugged it again into the socket. Nothing was happening! I got no reaction from the Beocenter. Tried with different sockets, was the same story. I didn't wanna give up, so I plugged it in again a couple of hours later. I think there was some contact, for a very short period of time, I'd say, because the LED lights turned on for about 1 second, maybe even less.

With everything I described, I'd like your opinions on the matter, whether I should bring it to the local B&O Service Shop or just try to repair it alone. I mean, could somebody tell me maybe, what would it cost to repair all these things? If it is too expensive (I'm a student), I'd maybe try to repair it alone. Bear in mind, that I am a total newbie to B&O, this was supposed to be my first B&O product. I don't have any experience, but I'm a fast lerner and would actually like to do it alone. Actually I'm lying, I do own a couple of Beovox S 40, which are superb (tested it at my friend's)

Ich rede auch Deutsch, also, Hilfe kann auf 2 Sprachen kommen

Best to y'all

#2 erstellt: 05. Aug 2015, 09:38

hier erst einmal der Link zu den Anleitungen:

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