Vinyl vs. CD @ HD. Score sheets and music from A.C.A.

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#1 erstellt: 02. Okt 2008, 19:56

Probably the most favourite subject between audiophiles around the world is the on-going "fight" between analogue and digital. Since the introduction of the CD in 1981 and after some years of the digital predominance, digital seems to have hit the technological roof and analogue is making a strong come back in the last 10 years. Personally all over these years I have made my comparisons with various material and I have concluded them in a paper at

But some people were telling me that my old Wadia 8/15 pair was technologically outdated and so the comparison was not fair, so I decided to organize in my listening room a blind test between a top digital (whatever that means...) and my analogue gear, with lots of people invited...

See the rest of this very interesting IMHO story here:

- (with lots of pictures and 10 videoclips covering the event).

I hope you enjoy it...

PS Sorry, I do not speak German!
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#2 erstellt: 03. Okt 2008, 15:45
Very interesting blind test, I wonder if the test of digital
equipment was ok, because there were differences heard??
Normally blind tests show how extremely low, often not
hearable, differences between digital gear are.

Its a pitty, that you didn't tested vinyl against cds blind
too. Even if it sometimes seem, the differences are too big,
to be imagined. I was long time asured, that my soundcard
sounded warmer, with less detail, than a cd-player from
sony. Well, in fact it was just volume, the soundcard was a
way quiter.

P.S. even in the low-quality video vinyl seem to sound louder, than cds .
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