Dual 621 or 704- your opinion

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#1 erstellt: 06. Jan 2008, 14:20
Hello everyone!

Sorry that Im writting in English but I can't speak in German.
I would like to ask you about your opinion about Dual CS 621 and 704. I have opportunity to purchase one in perfect condition in beautiful wooden frame but I don't know how that turntables sound? Which one is better? Are they good machines or they're not? I already have one Dual machine 714q and it sounds just great.

Thank you in advance and best regards
#2 erstellt: 06. Jan 2008, 15:01
Hello hvps,

writing in English is no problem at all since many users are quiete fluent in this language. Concerning your question:
Both turntables are beautifully crafted and sounding likewise, with a small advantage going to the 704, as it can be counted to the uppermost class, while the 621 belongs "only" to the upper middle-class.
They definitly deserve upper class pickup-systems, which of course must be matched to the (as far as I remember) pretty light-weighted tone arm.


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#3 erstellt: 06. Jan 2008, 15:52
hvps: Both models are very decent hifi turntables one can be happy with. However, the 621 is fully automatic, while the 704 is only semi automatic - but the latter has the better drive (EDS900 > EDS500), came with the better stock cartridge (Shure V15III > Dual/AT DMS240E) and its arm additionally offers height adjustment (so one can experiment with different VTA settings...).

Greetings from Munich!

Manfred / lini
#4 erstellt: 06. Jan 2008, 23:35
hi guys
thank you for help and your useful informations. Despite the fact that the 704 would be probably better choice I decided to purchase cs 621. As I sad in my previous post I am owner of beautifuly sounding 741q so I thought I try something new. 704 is probably comparable to 741q or just simply descended from the same series. once again thank you

Grettings from Katowice in Poland/:-)
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