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#1 erstellt: 11. Apr 2006, 09:55
Hello Audio enthusiast,

I hope you don'd mind that I'm writing in english. My german is not so good.

Last year me and fellow enthusiasts started up an international club for people who are fascinated with sonus faber speakers. There are many different clubs out there, and we thought it would be funny having a club for owners of sonus faber speaker. For being a member, it's not important how expensive your equipment is, or which sonus faber model you own - what is important is that you are an audio enthusiast, you love music and you are open to share your hobby, views and opinions with others.

In the few months the club has existed, we have become quite many members from all over the world, mainly Europe / Scandinavia. If you are interested too in sonus faber, or perhaps want to know more of this club, please tjeck out our
website on:

Best regards

Malthe, Denmark
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