Problems with Audiodata Cadeau!

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#1 erstellt: 17. Apr 2011, 21:23
Good evening! I bought a pair of speakers on Ebay (Audiodata Cadeau) and when they came to me I saw that the previous owner removed the filters and connectors from them(he didnt tell me about this,i found out only when the speakers were delivered to me ) ! Is there anyone who would sell the original crossovers with connectors for this model?or maybe someone has the electrical diagram for the audiodata cadeau filters(crossovers).I have another big problem:the woofer surrounds are destroyed and i dont know where i could find some spare for them!this woofers from dynaudio have atypical size and i cant find a spare.if someone can help me with these problems,i would be very grateful!Radu from Romania
#2 erstellt: 17. Apr 2011, 22:24
try to contact
#3 erstellt: 18. Apr 2011, 11:58
I tried,but they dont supply schematics for their speakers!They can manufacture new ones for 600euros+transport and that is to much!i didnt ask about the suspensions,because i didnt know that the subwoofer is atipical (22,5cm)!
#4 erstellt: 19. Apr 2011, 14:04
The Woofer is the 24W100...
Audiodata takes 165,- €uro /piece for reparation...

470,- Euro for a complete new woofer.
#5 erstellt: 19. Apr 2011, 15:22
I know that they repair the speakers,but it's hard and it costs to much to send 2 speakers at 1500km for repairs and get the back after.the most important thing for me,it would be to get the filter schematics!i found someone who could make some filters but it would be easier to have the exact schematics.
#6 erstellt: 25. Apr 2011, 13:44
If anyone could at least give me some data about the filters,so that i could make new ones like the originals,it would be great.if no one wants to give away the filters schematics,this would be good too!
#7 erstellt: 25. Apr 2011, 13:58
try to contact this guy.

there you get your spareparts for 800 euros.
#8 erstellt: 26. Apr 2011, 08:47
Ok,i am serious here!If i wanted to buy another pair of Cadeau,i wouldn't have posted here for the schematics of the crossovers.The speakers are in good shape,i dont need another pair.
#9 erstellt: 26. Apr 2011, 09:44
my opinion was, to contact the seller, ask him to disassemble the crossover, take some pictures for you and you send him ?ß 50 Euros for the work he had with this "service".
it´s only an idea!?!

the speakers are very old and rare, i think you must be a little bit more creative, if you don´t want to pay 600 euros for new crossovers from audiodata.
#10 erstellt: 26. Apr 2011, 11:58
The thing is that from a picture of the crossover,it's impossible to know what are the parametres of the coils, capacitors and resistors etc.Thanks for trying to help,but i dont think that this would help me!
#11 erstellt: 29. Apr 2011, 21:48
I tried to contact the man with the add you gave me link for,but he didnt answer!can anyone give some graphics for the component speakers in the audiodata cadeau?i found data about the woofer 24W-100 and the mid speaker 15W-75 but i dont know a thing about the high speaker,there is nothing written on it.Here's where i found data: you know some other site,please fell free to share it!The 24W-100 on this site is a little different from the one in the audiodata,the woofer in audiodata looks like the 17W75,not like the one posted here.i think it is the same speaker,but looks different,but there cant be 2 speakers with the same code.

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