CANTON VENTO 886 mit cambridge CXR120

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#1 erstellt: 11. Okt 2016, 15:41
Sorry friends, my German is not good, so I wrote in English Top
And translated into German, who do not know English and want to help

Hello friends, I'm new here. Hoping I write in the right place.
Anyone here have experience with Vento 886? I would like to buy and would love to hear opinion.
I know CANTON from the GLE, and color tone sounds cold, but I heard Vento 886, and I heard a warm tone, it is possible or am I wrong?

What receiver works best for this speaker?
I hear a lot about cambridge CXR120, anyone has experience with it? How to match the canton Vento?
And if you have a better option for the receiver, would love to hear
I watch also TV, but it is important to me mostly the stereo.

thank you all. Any help appreciated

Aus dem Englischen übersetzt

Hallo Freunde, ich bin neu hier. Hoffnung, ich an der richtigen Stelle zu schreiben.
Wer hier haben Erfahrung mit Vento 886? Ich möchte zu kaufen und würde gerne Meinung zu hören.
Ich weiß, CANTON aus der GLE und Farbton klingt kalt, aber ich hörte Vento 886, und ich hörte einen warmen Ton, es ist möglich, oder bin ich falsch?

Welche Empfänger funktioniert am besten für diesen Lautsprecher?
Ich höre viel über cambridge CXR120, hat jemand Erfahrung damit? Wie der Kanton Vento passen?
Und wenn Sie eine bessere Option für den Empfänger haben, würde gerne hören,
Ich sehe auch TV, aber es ist mir wichtig, vor allem die Stereoanlage .

Danke euch allen. Jede Hilfe dankbar
#2 erstellt: 11. Okt 2016, 15:58
Hi Kevin, welcome !

I got the Canton Vento 890.2 DC as front speaker and the Vento 880.2 DC as rear speaker with a Pioneer Receiver (SC-LX 87).

The 886 is the actual speaker, the 880.2 was build before this actual line - it was the predecessor.

I don't think that the sound has changed much. It is neither cold nor is it warm - the Canton Vento line is known for a neutral, quite analytic sound. So you can combine the Vento speaker with any AV Receiver,

What makes the speaker sound cold or maybe warm is probably the room the speakers are located or the adjustment made my the automatic programm of the receiver or the user.

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#3 erstellt: 11. Okt 2016, 16:16
Hey, Pancho. Thanks for the answer.

From what I heard this cambridge CXR120 is known also for a neutral,
So you think this is a perfect match for my speakers?

From your experience, what is the best setting for the speakers?
It is better to make it tone warm, or keep it a neutral?

Did you know cambridge? this a good receiver?
It is important to have a good stereo, so that's the direction I'm looking. But I could not find anyone who could tell me about it

Thank you again. Appreciate it! Happy to be here
#4 erstellt: 11. Okt 2016, 17:12
It depends on your personel preferences...

I listen to very different kinds of music, you can say from Mozart to Metallica and anything in between, so neutral (in fact as linear as possible at my sofa in my room) is for me the best thing.

In my opinion speakers should be like a window with clear clean glass offering you a uncoloured and detailed view to the music (or the soundtrack of your favourite movies) - this slogan is stolen somewhere I can't remember where, but it's true

I never tested cambridge receiver - but anyway, you should make a test on your own to find out what you like...

I like the Vento speakers - an excellent mixture of good design, good quality and good sound at a reasonable price - as far as I am concerned I can recommend them.

Maybe you can take the bigger speakers of the Vento line, the 896 into consideradion - better bass, more volume - but also more money to spend and bigger.You should look for a shop and compare them by listening to the different types.

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#5 erstellt: 11. Okt 2016, 17:43
an other idea for you:

You can still get the older Vento line, the 880.2 and the 890.2.

You should listen to those too. Since the actual line is on the focus, this could be a opportunity to save money. I didn't test the new line so far, but probably the difference in sound is not as big as the the difference in cash to pay, I would suppose.

If you want to turn to the other side, a test of the ("old") CANTON Reference line could be worth a try. Here the Reference 7.2 or the Reference 5.2 (I know both of them) will take you a clear step forward in sound compared to the Vento line - the Reference 5.2 will probably be the next speaker for me...

Since theres an actual CANTON Reference line out, too (called 5K and 7K) - you can get the older Reference types for fair prices now.

So before you go and buy a speaker - go and listen to as mcuh as you can...

[Beitrag von Pancho_69 am 11. Okt 2016, 17:45 bearbeitet]
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#6 erstellt: 11. Okt 2016, 23:54
I think you're right. I heard the 890.2, and 880.2, and I think that 890, more bass as you said, and more volume, and the Reference Series I loved from the first moment. But now I have a small room, something like two and a half meters long, 4 meters wide. I'm afraid that 890.2 to be bigger on my room.

If this interests you, I saw Review on Vento 886 at the link I enclose you here
I think what's great about this person who did the review, done it before for the 880.2.

In the future I hope to be able to buy the Reference K Series
It is a dream that I really want to accomplish.

30 centimeter it a good distance from the rear wall for 886?
I asked the store and he said I could enjoy the full sound without sound returns

And there is nothing like neutral. I think it gives you to hear the song as the singer wanted to hear. I try to listen to the AVR before buying, and I think it is best for each case

I love your opinion, and I think I was talking to the right guy, and I've learned a thing or two
Thanks for everything
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