Which stereo speakers < 300 euro p/s

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#1 erstellt: 26. Feb 2006, 23:56

Entschuldigung for talking English. My Deutsch isn't that good, but I really want to use this forum, because we don't have such expert forums in Holland

I need 2 good, but not too expensive stereo speakers (no surround needed in the coming few years). Max. price is around 300 euro per speaker.

I have searched a lot and can really use some recommendations before listening a few speakers.

I've found these so far:

- Kef iQ5
- Canton LE190
- JBL Northrigde E80/E100

My needs are:

- Speaker must sound 'musically'. I use them for music and occasionally for movies.
- Sub woofer must not be needed for nice bass (maybe I will buy one in the future, but the 2 speakers must alreday sound 'rich' without one)
-I have a Harman Kardon AVR-235 with 60W. pure stereo output. Receiver must be able to 'stear' the speakers well.

Can anyone help me with making a short list of very good speakers in this price class to listen to?

Vielen dank!!!!
#2 erstellt: 27. Feb 2006, 00:13
Hi and "welcome to the forum"!
The speakers you suggested are good. My tip is: try to get the speakers from a store that allows you to take them home for 1 or 2 days. After you listened to the different speakers you decide which speaker you'll buy.
We can't say: "This speaker is great, buy it!" because it mainly depends on the listener and on the room he listens in.

#3 erstellt: 27. Feb 2006, 00:30
I know and I'm totally with you, but maybe you can direct a 'beginner' like me to a few top-speakers at this price level?

I can't try all speakers in the stores, so I like to know which speakers are certainly good, so my list will not contain 500 speakers
#4 erstellt: 27. Feb 2006, 00:58
I would try to hear B&W, magnat Quantum and Wharfedale speakers in this price range...

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#5 erstellt: 27. Feb 2006, 17:39

Mctijn schrieb:

- Sub woofer must not be needed for nice bass (maybe I will buy one in the future, but the 2 speakers must alreday sound 'rich' without one)
-I have a Harman Kardon AVR-235 with 60W. pure stereo output. Receiver must be able to 'stear' the speakers well.

Hi Mctijn,

since you try to get 'rich sound' and the power output of your AVR is somewhat limited, I recommend to listen to the Klipsch RF-25. Sensitivity of the Klipschs is very high and the bass a real plus.

However, you really should hear these speakers before buying. The horn sound isn't good on everyone's ear.

Good luck,

#6 erstellt: 02. Mrz 2006, 00:44
Hi Mctijn,

You mention the KEF iQ5 but not the iQ3. The iQ3 seems to be quite popular, a lot of Hifi-Forum members bought this speaker. Because of the larger bass-mid driver I would expect the iQ3 being superior to the iQ5 -- at least at the lower end.

Street price for the iQ3 would be well below EUR 400. You'd be able to save some money for a future subwoofer purchase.

Cheers, kefq30
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