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#1 erstellt: 14. Feb 2004, 00:10
Hi to everybody....sorry if i speak english....ich spreche nur wenig deutsch....

i write from italy, lake garda exactly!

I want to buy a new pair of KLIPSCH RF25, have you ever heard them? do you have them?
what do you think?

in your opinios wich integrated amp (non only valve) but or ibrid or solid state shuld go best with them?
i listen to rock/prog/metal.....

Thank you very much
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#2 erstellt: 14. Feb 2004, 10:46
Hi David,

We have the complete Klipsch Line here in demo, so i know the RF-25 quite well.

Klipsch is (IMHO) always a choice of your personal style. Klipsch is not everyones darling

However if you know Klipsch and like the sound (like i do) the RF-25 is a good choice - depending on your room size and your personal feelings about bass reproduction you could also think about the RF-35. For smaller rooms (about 15m2) i would also think about the RF-15.

Do you want to do only stereo or also multichannel ?

Take care
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#3 erstellt: 14. Feb 2004, 10:48
Sorry, i have overseen your choice of music you want to hear with the klipsch.

I would say for your choice of music Klipsch are fitting very well.

One of the advantages of Klipsch is that they will play with almost every amplifier since they don´t need much power.

We have good experiances with Denon, Pioneer and Shangling, also with Parasound and TAGMcLaren.

Which i didn´t like with the Klipsch was Primare or NAD.

Take care
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#4 erstellt: 14. Feb 2004, 12:09
Hi thomas thank you for the reply!

my use is stereo only!

my room size is 20-25m2 at best....it dipends in which room i put them!
the rf 35 are too big I think, the rf 15 too small....the rf 25 is a good combination of the two i think

i saw your site....very good!

i have heard them with arcam a65 plus and liked a lot!

but i wanna listen to them with a tube amp or an ibrid amp with less watt

what do you think of this combination?
you have written Shangling?? isn't it the cina products? are they same as Vincent?? what do you think of it? are they the SAME?

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#5 erstellt: 14. Feb 2004, 12:55
Hi David,

Well i would also say that the RF-25 will fit for your room size.

I don´t know the performance with Arcam - haven´t heard it yet.

But i know that some of our customers connect their Klipsch with tube amps - and they like it very much.

Shangling is a china product, but has nothing to do with Vincent. Their are much more in the high end product range. They produce very good tube SACD & CD Players and Amplifiers.

We carry the SAV899-S which is a very good Multichannel A/V Receiver with a very warm and audiophile sound. And it is really priced very nicely.

Take care
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#6 erstellt: 14. Feb 2004, 13:32
Sorry i meant SHENGYA not shanling!

do you know them? the seem the SAME as vincent products!

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