Quadral Aurum Titan

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#1 erstellt: 13. Feb 2005, 00:40

I write in englisch because I m' from holland and my german isn't verry good

Does anybody have any experience with teh Aurum Titan?
I m thiking to upgrade to the aurum titan
My current speakers is the aurum vulkan
Is the upgrade worth the money?
I haven't heard the titan yet cause not so many stores in holland have them in stock.
Sounds the titan much better then the vulkan?

And what kind of amp do I need to drive the titan?
My amp at this moment is the Marantz pm-14mkIIki
Is this amp stable enough to drive the michty Titan ?


The Wacken Open Air MetalHead !!!

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#2 erstellt: 14. Feb 2005, 22:54
any experience with the aurum titan ???
#3 erstellt: 15. Feb 2005, 13:02
Hello Woametalhead,

maybe your german is good enough to read this thread:

the titan seems to be a little sensitive regarding room interaction.

hoping I could help a little bit

best regards

[Beitrag von strgaltdel am 15. Feb 2005, 13:03 bearbeitet]
#4 erstellt: 15. Feb 2005, 13:24

you can expect a similar sound in mids and highs, the main difference lies in the bass range.
Titan reaches lower frequencies and can also produce higher volumes.

As already mentioned this can cause problems with room interaction. If you already have some problems with resonances while using the Vulcan, these problems will become even worse with the Titan.
There is only one way to judge: Listen to it in your own room!

Your amp seems to be sufficient.

Best regards,

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#5 erstellt: 15. Feb 2005, 18:50
Danke !
Das könnte Dich auch interessieren:
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