Quadral Montan: "der Klang ist unklar"

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#1 erstellt: 02. Mrz 2013, 17:16
Hello all,

At first, I would like to apologize to write in english, but the is much easier for me. You can answer in german, I will understand.

This is my first post on the forum, which I am reading quiet often lately.
To quickly present myselft: I am 26, french, living in Köln since 1.5 year. The most important , fan of Hifi since 8 years, and fan of DIY.

Now come my current problem ...

I bought a pair of Quadral Montan MK2 recently. The foam of the boomer was dead, so I had quiet a good price. They are now renewed and boomers are working perfectly.

So I was finally able to test those "amazing" speakers. "Amazing", not so at the end, the sound in the medium and high frequency area in really poor, like a veil is here.

I have two other pairs of speakers to compare:
3A apogée Monitor (30 years old filter renewed also), working really fine but a little poor on the bass area.
Cattles biblio: an english brand, nice medium and high, but no low frenquency at all.
Comparing to those two pairs the Quadral Montan are really poor.

I thought at first that the capacitors of the filter were dead, so I tried to replace them by equivalent from Janzen Audio, but the result is exactly the same.

Any idea of where can the problem coming from? Because I really think there is a problem.

quadral montan


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#2 erstellt: 02. Mrz 2013, 17:26
Hi Romain and welcome

First of all it would be nice to have a little bit more Information.
What's about the Rest of your Setup ?
Which Amp , CDR or other Components you have ?
Also interesting are Fact about your Room.

Greets Mario
#3 erstellt: 02. Mrz 2013, 17:38
Hi Mario,
Thank you!

My sound system is mostly DIY.

Source: computer with Foobar as reader

DAC: DIY based on the chip DAC1796 (I have also a sound card M-Audio delta audiophile 2496), but the DAC is better

Pre-Amplifier: ATOLL PR200 => http://www.on-off-hi...Atoll+PR+200+SE.html

Amplifier: DIY Zenquito, classe AB 2*50W double Mono. Working quiet well

My room is about 25m².

I really think there is something wrong with the Montan, the difference is huge.
I am currently finishing another amplifier based on the Class D Triphath TK2050 chip. I will try them on it tomorrow I think, but I am not expecting miracles.
#4 erstellt: 02. Mrz 2013, 17:45
The zenquito:

#5 erstellt: 02. Mrz 2013, 19:58
hm , i don't know the Montan's by myself , but i think it can be a little bit more than 2 x 50 Watt RMS for them. Try to test with a bigger Amp. If this does't work , you should check the Frequency-Modul inside the Montan.

greets Mario
#6 erstellt: 03. Mrz 2013, 00:27

i had the same problem (good bass, poor mids and highs) with my recent Quadral Vulkan speakers. The whole crossovers where aged and didn't work properly. Please don't try to exchange the capacitors on your own, you can send the crossovers directly to quadral in hannover. (They will replace the defect parts, cost is approx. 50€ per crossover)

Please write an e-mail to info@quadral.com , those guys do understand english really well and can definitely solve your current problem with those amazing speakers !

Greetings from Kiel, Baltic Sea

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