need advice:surround speaker placement ?

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#1 erstellt: 13. Apr 2010, 04:34
i am planning for putting up my surround speakers, energy cr10, tomorrow in a 5.1 setup, ive read on here that side wall is better than back wall. the manual says to mount them at least 2 feet away from corner, in my setup that puts them right to the side, possibly a little in front of listening position (couch and chair up against back wall). is this something set in stone so to say, if i put them 16 inches away from corner will it be that big of sound difference??? also what should i put the speakers on, bipole or dipole, almost all listening will be tv or movies...
#2 erstellt: 13. Apr 2010, 14:09
The thing is, the corners are kind of like putting your head in a bucket. Its gonna sound like crap.

A foot is pretty much minimum, I would go for 2. Maybe you can use a tripod instead of wall mounting. I have no clue why there is a difference between walls, but maybe you could just mount some (Wallcolor) absorber material in the area of the wall where the speaker is, to absorb refelections? Just an idea.

For the settings, your gonna have to play around with it.

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