Canton Ergo 695 DC vs Heco Celan XT 701

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#1 erstellt: 25. Mrz 2013, 19:37

What's your opinion coming to a choice between these two speakers? They are both now sold for very reasonable prices so I consider them both to be a bargain. I have heard them both several times before, although a couple of years ago or more, and I really liked them a lot. I have although never compared them side by side and don't now anywhere to do so either today since they are both at the end of their "life cycle". I have a Primare Pre30 + Vincent SP331 to feed them. I listen mainly to metal music, (death/black/goth/doom-metal preferably). I'm going crazy coming to a choice, I need help. Please do not leave me with any further option with a third brand..

I am from Sweden and my skills leaves pretty much to desire as far as the german language is concerned...Sorry for that! I thought asking in a german hifi forum would be a good idea with these two brands
#2 erstellt: 25. Mrz 2013, 20:08
Have you listen to both? Which sound would you prefer?
#3 erstellt: 25. Mrz 2013, 20:54
I can't really say. I remember Canton as very good in both, bass, middle and treble, detailed but still rather smooth. Heco on the other hand maybe a bit more vivid in style, a bit dryer bass. But as I said, it's been a while since I heard them. I do remember liking both speakers very much but time has erased my memory so I can't be more specific. That's why I need your help, your pros and cons as You see it.. Thereafter I might be more able to make a fair choice.

I do not want a speaker's sound to be too detailed in treble such as for example Dali Mentor as my musical taste suffers from bad production sometimes
#4 erstellt: 25. Mrz 2013, 22:06
The best is to try some speakers. Are you living in Germany or Sweden?
#5 erstellt: 25. Mrz 2013, 22:33
Sweden. My local HiFi dealer can offer me them but he won't bring both home for comparison. My feeling's to go for the Ergos if no one can advice me otherwise
#6 erstellt: 26. Mrz 2013, 18:00
Thats a problem in my eyes. I didn't know much about the market in Sweden. Canton is a well known brand, if you have no other chance to listen and test some other products: Buy them an be happy!
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#7 erstellt: 31. Mrz 2013, 22:51

I listen mainly to metal music

Thought about a Klipsch? These should sound pretty good with Metal.
#8 erstellt: 03. Apr 2013, 19:10
Yes! I've heard Klipsch. Not as detailed as I want my speakers to be. But still very inspiring speakers.
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#9 erstellt: 04. Apr 2013, 18:21
Which Klipsch have you heard?
Maybe an Elac or a Dali Ikon could be also right for you. But at least you have to like the speakers, i recommend you to go to an Hifi-Shop and hear so much speakers as you can with your music.
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