italian, seeking info on amp

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#1 erstellt: 18. Sep 2004, 00:17
Hi all!

I'd like to buy an Helix amplifier, for my Front Speakers.
It is composed by a Focal V2 woofer, ad a Ciare Ct250 tweeter, with self-made 6db crossover.

Are this amps good in mid-high frequencies?
There are better amps for 250€?

I know these amps are four channels, two of them will be used for two 13 cm under seats bass reinforcement...

Please, give me info on how those Helix amplifiers sound...

Thank you all!!!!!
#2 erstellt: 18. Sep 2004, 00:49

feel fre to answer in deutsch, i'll translate on google... i really don't know where seek those infos...

i can give you links to good selling sites in italy, for brands like steg, audiosystem, RES, Ciare etc...

all that i need to know is if Helix is a good brand...

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#3 erstellt: 20. Sep 2004, 05:07
Helix is a good company and you can buy it. You will get good performance for your money!!!
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#4 erstellt: 20. Sep 2004, 17:27
most of the people here say that the helix amplifiers are very good and have a clear (analytical) sound. if you would tell us your favourite music-style, some of the people here will help you find an amplifier for your needs.
#5 erstellt: 20. Sep 2004, 18:36
First of all, which Helix Amp are you talking about ?

The HXA 400 MKII of the Esprit Series, the Helix Dark Blue or some other Model ?

I had an 400 MK II myself and they do a great job with the mid-high frequencies. Possibly too good for a Focal Frontsystem. You should make a test-listening first to decide if you like the combination of Focal Speakers and Helix Esprit Amps
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