bat recharger.

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#1 erstellt: 18. Feb 2005, 15:22
hi i want to buy a güde GL automatik 30g 20amp 30-200ah. the recharger is for gel and normal bats. the price new is 100euros. does that sound ok? or is there a better one for a cheaper price. dont forget i will have 4 bats in my car when i am done 3 hawkers and 1 normal led, all together around 180 ah.

later and thanks for any help brian
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#2 erstellt: 19. Feb 2005, 19:46
u can try an Acctiva easy 1206 recharger.
It does support all kind of 12v batteries up to 200 Ah and has some smart features.. as u can read here

If german doesn´t please u.. just download english specs here

#3 erstellt: 20. Feb 2005, 21:08
hey Kpt.Chaos you wouldent happen to be the guy that sells the rechargers in ebay are you? if so i realley dont care just was wondering. for that price it looks good i might consider buying it. has anybody else ever used it here in the forum?

later brian
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#4 erstellt: 21. Feb 2005, 03:29
Hi Brian..
no i realy do not sell that stuff. But i´m happily using one 1206 since about a year. Most other guys in that forum are using ctek recharger but those do not have the features of the acctiva...

If the price pleases u ... take it ..


I forgot to tell u that it fits all kinds of 12V Batteries with to different switchable charging routines...

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