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#1 erstellt: 26. Jun 2005, 12:31
first, sorry that i'm writing in english, my german is very bad.

i have a problem on my steg. when car is turned off, it works fine. when i turn on the car, you can hear the alternator on the speakers.
thought it was ground cable or something similar, but it's all ok. everything looks normal, all capacitors are ok, all transistor ok.

any ideas what could be wrong?
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#2 erstellt: 26. Jun 2005, 16:21
ok, i'll try on german:

wann meine auto ist off, alles ist ok. wann ich meine auto starten, ich kann der alternator horen. wir haben alle kondensatoren und massen getestet und alles sieht ok.
alle transistoren sind auch ok

hope you understand something
#3 erstellt: 26. Jun 2005, 23:04
Hmm you can use the search funktion...Type "Masseschleifen" or "Limapfeifen" and you'll find more than enough answers....
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#4 erstellt: 27. Jun 2005, 00:47
oh, yeah, i forgot...
the installation is ok. on my current amp, magnat rock 800, everything works great. 3 other guys tried the STEG on their own install, and 3 times alternator buzzing. i'll try that ground loop isolator these days, but i doubt it will solve the problem

trying german:
ah, ja... ich habe vergessen...
der installation ist ok. on der endstufe ich jetzt habe, magnat rock 800, alles ist ok. 3 manner haben der Steg getestet an seiner installation und immer der alternator problem. ich will das Ground loop isolator probieren durch nachste tage, aber ich glaube das es nicht funktioniert
#5 erstellt: 27. Jun 2005, 01:15
What do you mean with the word "alternator" ???
I don't understand that!

Maybe that the reason for your problem is that you have your power cable and the signal cable (chinch) on the same site in your car!
They have to be sepperratet!!
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#6 erstellt: 27. Jun 2005, 01:23
alternator is the device that charges the battery.

i have my installation separate. we even tried with new remote (one that's not with signal cable), still nothing.

it has to be somthing within the amp, one of the components, but i dont know which one. we dont even have any ideas where to look.

that's the problem
#7 erstellt: 27. Jun 2005, 01:29
sorry I have no idea but we have many very nice people here to answere your questions!!

eäamhh... by the way...
I have heard (from my little Kleinkramhändler with very much Ahnung about Electrics) that some Kinds of Amps have already a litle Condensator inside to Filter the noise!
Maybe yours has no one....
I don't know!

Good luck!
#8 erstellt: 27. Jun 2005, 14:56
Is it possible to try another Steg 105.4?
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#9 erstellt: 28. Jun 2005, 00:59
no, but i found the problem. now, i only need to find the component that does it...

see, the problem is that GND from power supply and gnd from RCA signal cable are in short-circuit. dont know what's causing it yet...
any ideas where to look?
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