Problem with display (and not only) with the Orbitech CI 400 CRCS Help!

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#1 erstellt: 02. Feb 2019, 18:59
I have two dvs decoders Orbitech CI 400 CRCS (they are about 10 years old) .Now I have snow so I dont have any signal on antenan sat but the problem is that the display olso is not working (olso if sometime I can change on display channel with the remote control) and I dont have any "blue display on the screen the with "no signal" I dont know if this sat box tv have a litium battery inside or if there is a way to reset it or if is normal because there is snow so no signal on cable sat antenna ext ext I will post some pics.As u see Im not from Ostereich olso if i live near Innsbruck I got this two dvbs box 10 years ago from who put the sat antenna.Another tv I have "Howe" WORKS WELL (OLSO IF i DONT HAVE SIGNAL FOR SNOW.I dont know if in somehow the two tv box dbs are broken and I must change them (then I think bettare to take the dbs 2 ora if a normal trouble.Who can help me?

my decoder




#2 erstellt: 02. Feb 2019, 19:39
> Netzstecker ziehen.
> Programm auf- und Programm ab-Taste am Gerät gleichzeitig drücken und gedrückt halten.
> bei gedrückter Programm auf- und Programm ab-Taste den Netzstecker wieder einstecken.
> Tasten ca. 5 Sek. gedrückt halten bis die Anzeige* “FLAS” im Display erscheint

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#3 erstellt: 03. Feb 2019, 01:15
@Bollze SUPER DANKE !!!!!

PS:Mergen ist egal Probleme I think the problem/solution is something else

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#4 erstellt: 04. Feb 2019, 09:41
The receiver is not connected to the TV correctly, possibly
On the TV set the correct input, z.B. Scart/ AV
Sorry, my English is bad Thanks to Google Translator !


[Beitrag von Bollze am 04. Feb 2019, 09:43 bearbeitet]
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