Teac a-3440

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#1 erstellt: 15. Aug 2004, 20:45
war wieder mal schneller mit de finger auf de tastatur als das hirn arbeiten kann !
und hab en teac a-3440 4 kanal bandmaschine ersteigert,
kann mir einer etwas über diese maschine berichten?
wäre euch sehr zu dank verpflichtet
Lord Assie (vom MR2 Forum)
#2 erstellt: 16. Aug 2004, 08:46

Hier habe ich einiges.
Quelle: Teac Prospekt

TEAC A-3440 4-Channel Multitrack Tape Deck With Simul-Sync

TEAC-We're Total in Tape! State-of-the-art tape recordingand playback involvesseveral critical technologies : tape head precision and durability,transport design andreliability, low distortion signal processing circuitry,equalization, biasing, meter precision, control layout andoperation ease.
Most audio manufacturers, anxious to "round out" their lines, have strong points in one or two of these areas. Theydepend upon suppliersto help them put together finished tape recorders.At TEAC we've been a total specialist in the field ever since the inception of magnetic
tape recording.
That gives us more than 25 years of experience in every aspect of tape equipment-for professional recording studios, home music recordists,even heavy-use industrial data recording.
A TEAC deck is all TEAC, because no one knows
better than we do what critical tolerances and material selection mean to tape performance.
That's why audio equipment fans who know tape know TEAC is the name to remember for the finest in full-fidelity recording
and playback.
A direct descendent of our renowned A-3340S and the professional-series 80-8, the A-3440 is further improved in performance and features. The experience gained in developing the A-3340S and the 80-8, in cooperation with both musicians and engineers, has led to a number of important breakthroughs which mean greatly simplified operation, greater flexibility and better, more professional performance in the A-3440.
In short, here's the perfect creative tool for the artist who wants to be ahead every step of the way.
Function and Output Select
The former Rec Mode, Sync and Monitor switches have been rearranged into two groups-Function and Output Select- reducing the number of switching operations required to set up record and sync channel assignments.
The Source switch of the Output Select group routes source signals to the meters and output terminals for making preliminary record level adjustments and sound checks. The Play switch activates the deck's playback head for direct monitoring of the signal being recorded. And the Sync switch, which is coupled to the Function Selectors, permits each channel to be independently switched to either the Sync or Record mode. For example, after setting record levels with the Source switch of the Output Select group ON, simply depress the Svnc switch, set track 1 to the record mode with the first switch in the Function Select group, and you are readyto roll.
Then, while rewinding the tape after recording the first track, disengage the track 1 record mode and engage track 2. Track 1 has automaticallv been switched to Svnc, so you are readv to lay down the next track without the usual coming sequence of switching operations. Aside from punch-in recording using the transport controls. the Function Select switches can also be used for this
operation. With the Function Select switch for one track in the Record position, the record mode is entered with the transport controls while monitoring the previously-recorded tracks. Then, when the appropriate point is reached, any or all of the channels can be selectively punched in and out with the Function Select switches.
Proven TEAC Transport Excellence
During 25 years of experience in producting tape record/reproduce equipment , TEAC has become famous for the quality and durability of its transport systems. The A-3440 is no exception. A three-motor/three-head design assures years of trouble-free use and stable operation. Newly employed in the A-3440 is a highly stable DC servocontrolled capstan motor, providing an absolute minimum of wow and flutter.
Micro-Switch Transport Controls
Usually found only on professional studio decks, these controls assure smooth, positive switching through all transport functions. The inclusion of logic control means that you can go directly to the Play mode from either Fast Forward or Rewind without having to first pass through the Stop mode.
Headphone Monitor Select
Using monophonic headphones, the A-3440's headphone select switches allow you to assign any desired track or combination of tracks to the headphone feed.
This kind of selective monitoring capability is an absolute necessitv for the serious multitrack recordist.
Manual Cueing
The A-3440 incorporates a manual cue lever which preempts the pinch roller and tape lifters, permitting quick location of any desired spot on the recorded tape during Fast Forward or Rewind.
Pitch Control
This useful feature lets von varv the speed of tape travel by ±5%. Aside from making it easy to compensate for differences in pitch of instruments recorded at different times, it opens up many possibilities for creating interesting special effects. When the pitch control is turned OFF, the transport is locked precisely ont< either the 7'/z or 15 ips standard tape speeds as set by the speed selector. Independent Mic/Line Input Selectors
Each channel of the A-3440 features independent selection of either line input or microphone input (with or without 20-dB padding). The -20 dB mic input position is provided for use with high
output microphones or for close-miking of certain instruments which may cause overloading of the input stage if not properly attenuated.
Expanded-Scale VU Meters
Four wide-range VU meters are provided tor accurate record and playback level readings. With a display range extending up to +5 dB, these meters provide an accurate reference even when the A-3440 is used with the optional dbx interface (which allows higher-thannormal recording levels). Independent Output Level Controls
A separate output level control is provided for each channel on the A-3440. You have total control over even the most subtle balance differences between recorded tracks. This capability is indispensable for proper calibration of the deck's output to the inputs of a mixer.
Optional dbx Interface
The A-3440 accepts the professional dbx Type-I interface, which provides greatly improved signal-to-noise ratio and extended dynamic range. With this optional system it is possible to produce completely noise-free master tapes
with full dynamic range: a must for those all-important demo recordings. Other Features
* Optional remote control unit (RC-70) available for all transport functions.
* Front panel input jacks for four unbalanced low or high impedance microphones.
* 15 ips and 71/z ips tape speeds. " LEE) function indicators.
Track System 4-Track Multi-Channel Simul-Sync
3 Motors 1 DC-Servo Capstan Motor,
2 Eddy Current Induction Reel Motors
3 Heads Erase, Record/Sync and Playback
Reel Size 10,5" and 7"
Tape Speed 15 ips and 71,12 ips (-0.5%) Wow and Flutter
(NAB Weighted) 0.04% at 15 ips. 0.06% at 71/2 ips
Frequency Response 25-24 kHz (±3 dB/0 VU: 40-22 kHz) at 15 ips (overall) 25-22 kHz (-3 dB/-10 VU: 40-20 kHz) at 7 1/2, ips
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (overall) 55 dB (3% THD level, weighred) Harmonic Distortion
(overall) 0-8% at normal operating level
Stereo Channel Separation 45 dB at 1 kHz
Rewind/Fast Forward Time 140 seconds for 1,800 feet
Inputs4 Line: 60 mV/50 k ohms
4 Mic: 0.25 mV (-72 dB)/600 ohms or more Outputs 4 Line: 0.3 V/load impedance: 10 k ohms or more 1 Headphone Jack: 8 ohms
Power Requirement 100/117/220/240 V AC, 50/60 Hz (EX model) 220 V AC, 50 Hz (EUR model)
240 V AC, 50 Hz (UK/AUS model) 117 V AC, 60 Hz (USA/CND model) Power Consumption 125 W
Dimensions (W x H x D)445 x 523 x 235 mm Weight 25 kg [55 lhs] net
Supplied AccessoriesInput-Output Connection Cords RE-1002 Empty Reel
NAB Reel Hub Adapters Splicing Tape
' Specifications were determined using low-noise/high-output tape
` lmprovements may result in features or specificatians without notice.
Useful Accessories
For the perfect creative recording system, team the A-3440 up with the Model 2A six-in/four-out audio mixer and the MB-20 Meter Bridge. The Model 2A gives you six microphone or line inputs with independent equalization, output channel assignment and pan pots. The MB-20 provides accurate readout of buss and tape output levels, and has a built in headphone monitor amp with independent
volume control and a left, right or center channel monitor switching matrix. The A-3440, Model 2A and MB-20 form a total studio system with which your musical ideas can become a sonic reality.
To assure top performance from your deck at all times, keep i physically and magnetically clean with the TZ-261 Cleaner Kit and E-3 Head Demagnetizer.


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#3 erstellt: 16. Aug 2004, 09:13
herz lichen dank !
da haste aber keine (kosten) und mühen gescheut
also fazit: alles in allem gar nicht so schlecht!
suchte zwar ein revox b77 4 spur,sah den teac und dachte,biete mal und hab garnicht auf de verbleibende zeit gesehen !jetzt hab ich das ding am hals.
aber bei den werten steht er ja der revox in nix nach.
nochmals vielen dank
Lord Assie (vom mr2 forum)
Schaut ab und zu mal vorbei
#4 erstellt: 26. Feb 2010, 14:24

Teac A-3340 S schreibt das Hifi Jahrbuch Ausgabe5/76

Vierkanal- Maschine mit SIMUL-SYNC: Bis zu 10 Instrumente oder Singstimmen lassen sich nacheinander aufnehmen, ohne daß zeitliche Verschiebungen der Einsatzpunkte auftreten. Alle Kanäle sind voll miteinander synchronisiert. Separate Schalter für Vormagnetisierung und Entzerrung. 8 mischbare Eingänge mit getrennten Vorverstärkern 4 geeichte VU-Metern 2/4-Kanal-Umschalter für die Wiedergabe von 2-Kanal-Stereo-Aufnahmen. Fernbedienung aller Funktionen. Cue-Einrichtung.


[Beitrag von Steffen_Hecking am 26. Feb 2010, 20:15 bearbeitet]
#5 erstellt: 26. Feb 2010, 20:02

Falls du keine Fernbedienung dazu bekommen hast , die Kabelfernbedienungen von SONY und Hitachi funktionieren ebenfalls einwandfrei damit .

Ich hatte die 3440 von 1984 bis 2006 in Gebrauch , und würde sie jeder Revox vorziehen .

Ich habe dann auf eine Fostex DMT 8 aufgerüstet , auch schon wieder vintage , heutzutage vergeht die Zeit irgendwie schneller . . .

Schaut ab und zu mal vorbei
#6 erstellt: 26. Feb 2010, 20:25
Die Teac A-3440 bedeutet einen weiteren Fortschritt eines technischen Konzepts, das bereits breite Anerkennung genießt. Das Vorgängermodel A-3340S mit "SIMUL-SYNC"-Simultan-Synchronisation begründete die Beliebtheit von 4 Kanal-Tonbanddecks mit Überspieleinrichtung. Für einen weiten Benutzerkreis von Personen, die sich als Musikschaffende und Musikverwertende ernsthaft mit schöpferischer Musik befassen, füllte das epochemachende TEAC A-3340S eine Bedarfslücke. Das A-3440 geht jetzt einen Schritt weiter, indem die Erfahrungen, die bei der Herstellung von rein professionellen Geräten, wie dem TEAC TASCAM 80-8, gewonnen wurden mit den praktischen Erfahrungen der Benutzer des A-3340S verbunden werden. Das Ergebnis dieser Verbindung von frischem Talent und Fertigungskönnen ist die A-3440.

So steht es in der BDA der Teac A-3440


[Beitrag von Steffen_Hecking am 26. Feb 2010, 20:29 bearbeitet]
#7 erstellt: 21. Mai 2010, 14:45

Hier spricht ein Wiederholungstäter.

Ich hatte von 1986-1989 ein A3340S, welches mir gestohlen wurde.

Nach über 20 Jahren habe ich nun ein A3440 in der Bucht erstanden, da einige meiner alten Bänder auf keiner anderen Maschine abspielbar sind ( alle 4 Spuren in gleicher Bandlaufrichtung aufgenommen)

Hier das 24-Kilo-Schätzchen nach einigen kleineren Überholungsarbeiten, die aber weitgehend dem Äußeren galten:

Der unvergleichlich warme und doch kraftvolle Klang, den diese Maschinen bei sanfter Übersteuerung erzeugen, hat mich selbst nach so vielen Jahren sofort wieder fasziniert.

Wenngleich natürlich Details wie Rauschen und Brummen längst nicht mehr den heutigen technischen Stand entsprechen.

[Beitrag von EiGuscheMa am 21. Mai 2010, 14:46 bearbeitet]
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