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#1 erstellt: 17. Sep 2005, 15:04
Hallo von Dänemark

Keine hilfe von Dänische forums, aber villeicht hier ?.

Ich habe ein par Mag Audio Magnetostat Laudsprechern kauft. Ich kann aber keine info finden, auch nicht mit Google. Können jemand mir hilfen. Daten, tips, und so weiter.

... and in english: Sorry for violating your language - it's many year since i had it in scool - and back then it was bad too.

I've recently bought a set of Mag Audio Magnetostates. They sound great, but it could be fun to know a little more about them. For once it seems that Google had let me down. The only thing i can find, is they might have been made in England, and there are some Car-fi products called Mag Audio.

It could be fun to know how old they are, what were the price back then - and are there someone outthere with a set of Mag Audio Magnetostates - some tweaks ?. It seem to me the tweeter-band is at little loose - and I might try to tighten it a bit - or is that a DON'T TOUCH thing ??

Anyway, any info about this speaker will be great. I hope you can help me, and apollogize once more for my German - but .... at least you haven't seen my French

Karsten Frederiksen, Denmark
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