Marantz & Boston or Mordaunt

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#1 erstellt: 13. Okt 2005, 16:04
Hi !

I am planning to put together my HT system 5.1 or 7.1. (on moderate budget). Since I am based in Delhi so I am looking at products officially available in Delhi with after-sales service support. Options I have are (quotes from Sharda Proacoustics):

1. Marantz SR 4500 - INR 35K
2. Marantz SR 5500 - INR 50K
3. Boston CR 95 fronts - INR 21K / pair
4. Boston CR 65 surrounds - 12.5K / pair
5. Boston CRC centre - INR 9.5K
6. Boston PV 500 sub - INR 19K
7. Marantz DV 4500 - INR 19K (or my existing Pioneer DVP)
8. Mordaunt Short Avante 5.1 spkr package - INR 40K

Or anything else that you reccomend.

I also want to upgrade my CDP from Teac 1610D to ? Marantz CD 4500 INR 16K - or anything better - this is to go with my NAD 320Bee & Kef Coda 90. I want to keep the stereo setup separate.

I would have loved to go all NAD but they are not avaialable in Delhi. Delhi has some Denon, Jamo, Onkyo, B&W, Wharfedale, Sonodyne, etc.

I'll welcome all suggestions & help.

Thanks & regards

#2 erstellt: 13. Okt 2005, 16:15
Can anyone tell me about any other official Hi-Fi dealers in Delhi?

Any idea about the best official prices?


#3 erstellt: 13. Okt 2005, 18:12
Hi SDhawan,
Man, back after a long time....
Anyway coming to your setup plans....first of all the prices quoted to you especially Marantz is extraordinarily expensive. As far as Bostons are concerned you can contact Audio Planet in Bangalore...080-25523126, 9448487639.
You can cross check the prices with this dealer in Bangalore (named Palani). Just tell him that you are shifting to Blore and get the prices. He also stores Marantz. Infact he gets things from sharda but gives a much better pricing IMO.

For HT...I would easily recommend, Definitive Technology, Mordaunt short, Boston Acoustics in that order.

Since you intent to keep your Stereo system intact, I would recommend not to spend heavily on the reciever and instead spend the extra buck on the speakers/Sub, a good sub can do wonders to your system.
For that matter I would suggest you check out Sonodyne AVR300, at 17.5k (with papers and warranty) its a wonderful AVR and beats any of the Denon, Onkyos twice the price.
Marantz is better but expensive as you have stated.
Just check it out and you would get an idea of the comparision I am making.
Try out Polk Audio as well.
#4 erstellt: 14. Okt 2005, 06:12
hi dr dhawan,
you may try trinity in gk 1,
Trinity Sound & Vision
26215222 / 26425222.
Contact person : Mr. Sandeep Jain.
opposite M block, he does stock NAD,def tech and other stuff,
infact he was even planning to get polk audio etc-
theres some place called audio shack in noida, i am in the process of tracking it- he has some branded hi-fi,
apart from these there are some more,
and also the grey market-
#5 erstellt: 14. Okt 2005, 12:06
Do check out the new Sonodyne AVANT package....supposed to be wonderful for HT..
#6 erstellt: 14. Okt 2005, 15:13
Hi !

I have checked TRinity Sound & Vision - I bought my audio (NAD + KEF) from them last year.

He has a NAD T 741 which he has put on clearance sale for 20 K. It seems to be functioning fine. But he is no longer the official distributor.

He also has NAD pre C 160 & power C 270 Amp which he is giving for 55 K.

Are these quotes tempting enough? And should I go for it despite the fact that NAD has no service support in Delhi.

How would you compare the following speaker sets for HT 5.1 or 7.1

1. Diamonds 9 series
2. Mordaunt Short Avante series
3. Boston Acoustic CR series
4. Sonodyne Sonus range (or their latest offerings)

I am mainly into music and for that I have a separate system. Movies would just be occasional fun.

Warm regards

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#7 erstellt: 14. Okt 2005, 15:39
hey dhawan......

the best quote which i got from sharada is 4500 for 29k with bargain a lot with them.......try to better the prices i mentioned as i had negatiated over the u stay in delhi,bargaining physically being there can make a lot of abhi mentioned bout audio planet bangalore,do give it a try before bargaining with sharada....but i feel its always better to bargain when u are at their shop(sharada) rather over the phone........because even i had done the saem thing here(bangalore) before asking with sharada over the phone.........but i got a better price from sharada,delhi directly rather than here which was around 30k with papers........ if u can afford go i for the modaunt short THX certified speakers which has dual built in subs for 70k if u canafford them.......believe me they sound awesome....just give them a hearing before u decide.......

#8 erstellt: 14. Okt 2005, 16:13
Hi Doc,
As Edges suggested, go for the Mordaunt Short THX certified one or the Sonodyne Avant. Sonodyne Sonus is not as good as the others in the list.

One more thing...IMO if you are on a budget, then better go for a good speaker package and a entry level reciever (Sonodyne AVR300 would be my bet anytime) rather than spending heavily on reciever and compromising on speakers.
Its not much of a difference between recievers unlike to what we see in Stereo amps.

Also do try and check out Definitive Technology, they are one awesome HT brand.
#9 erstellt: 20. Okt 2005, 17:47
Hi !

Has anyone auditioned the Avant series from Sonodyne? What are your views?

The have launched pre & power 2 & 6 channel amps, subs and speakers.

How would you compare 6 channel per & power combination from Sonodyne with say Marantz 7.1 AVRs e.g SR 4500 ?

How would you compare Avant speakers from Sonodyne with Diamond 9 series from Wharfedale ?


#10 erstellt: 20. Okt 2005, 18:11
Hi Doc,
As far surround processing are concerned, I even rate the entry level Sonodyne AVR300 above the Marantz SR4500, its only in the two channel mode where Marantz really wins.
I havent heard the 6 channel power amp from Sonodyne Avant series but I guess it should be very good looking at their entry level AVR300. It should be a league ahead of Marantz SR4500 for HT (surround).
As far as their speakers are concerned, again I havent auditioned them so cant comment, but few of our forum members have heard them AV expo in delhi and gave good reviews.

Basically I guess Avant being a pure HT speakers (thats what they look like) should be really good and infact give better HT performance than the Diamonds (which are mutli-purpose).
You got to check it out doc. Its worth checking out IMO.
#11 erstellt: 20. Okt 2005, 19:26
But the Avant 6.1 Pre- & Power combo with the Avant speaker set cost a whopping 160 K

Do you still think its worth checking out?


#12 erstellt: 21. Okt 2005, 05:44
atlest check the avant speakers -
pretty cool looks and awesome sound-
sonodyne does have a demo room some place in okhla-
#13 erstellt: 21. Okt 2005, 05:50
oh i just remembered AV max had a review on the avant system by sonodyne-
can check that out-
#14 erstellt: 21. Okt 2005, 09:41

SDhawan schrieb:
But the Avant 6.1 Pre- & Power combo with the Avant speaker set cost a whopping 160 K

Do you still think its worth checking out?



Nothing wrong in checking can then decide if any of the components from the total package is worth buying.
You may go ahead only with their electronics or only the speaker package or nothing...
But you will know whats available...
#15 erstellt: 21. Okt 2005, 10:28
The Avant series is not yet avaiable for demo in Delhi - not even in the Okhla office of Sonodyne. So I shall wait.


#16 erstellt: 24. Okt 2005, 06:34
hi dr dhawan,
even pulz was supposed to open their demo room, someplace in malviya nagar- about a month or so back i had spoken with them- you can check their stuff out-
supposed to be great-

Schaut ab und zu mal vorbei
#17 erstellt: 03. Nov 2005, 23:43
Please check out my earlier posts on subwoofer decisions. After long deliberation and a few auditions I went for the PV500 boston sub and I am in sub heaven. I am also in Delhi.

I looked at the yamaha guy in 33 national park lajpat nagar, jbl in GK1, trinity in GK1, jamo in GK1, sharda motor in panchsheel park besides the regular rhtythm corner in southex and bercos in CP.

You may wish to check out Enbee in Shankar market, very old established niche speaker maker whose high end main speaker model is fantastic - FANTASTIC - and gives all the others a run for their money at 18000. Take your own CDs for the demo.

And remember, the sound matters more than the name or the specs.

Enbee is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and had I not bought my JBLs already, I would have easily gone for them. In fact, I am seriously thinking of putting the Jbls on surround duty and getting them anyway.

Lastly, howmuchever you may blow up life and eardrums in a showroom, at home listening levels, you still have to get good sound. The Boston adds life to music even at whisper soft levels at bedtime. And at other times it threatens to break the windowpanes.
#18 erstellt: 04. Nov 2005, 08:37
Hi Cook !

Thanks for your "delicious" message.

I'm aware of Enbee and plan to use their services for getting my old systems serviced.

Brand vs. Unbranded - brand only adds to mental comfort, a feeling of security that everything would be of good quality, etc.

Does the guy at Amar Colony have Mission Speakers? He used to have them at one time. And can you give me his phone number? And would you phone numbers of Enbee?


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