Same great music on Vinyl vs. CD...

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#1 erstellt: 19. Jun 2005, 21:23
Hi all,

Maybe this is not exactly a music review, since it involves comparisson between 2 source formats of various types of Music, but it is not exactly an audio... paper either. Never the less, the music I am referring to is very interesting, no matter if you have it recorded on vinyl or on an aluminum disc...

The purpose of doing this is to face this old analogue "war", from the point of the final acoustical experience and pleasure, listening to both formats - which is what matters anyway - and not from a technical point of view. We've had enough of this...

Please visit:

I wonder if members of these forums have the same experience with me or the oposite...

Sorry to trouble you...
#2 erstellt: 19. Jun 2005, 23:20
The Claire Marlo - Let it Go is on of My favorite CDs to present my full Active Setup. But my analog Setup plays not only soundslike my digital setup ist makes music. Some albums i prefere on CD because on the vinyl discs is not the same version of the album or even Tracks where missing like on The Janis Ian - Breakng Silence Analogue Productions LP.

In my prefered Genres (Punkrock,Metall, Rock) I alway prefere the Vinyl and try to get the best release.

#3 erstellt: 23. Jun 2005, 14:38

sometimes listening to vinyl can cause some stress. If you take elekrtonic music for example. Often you have only 2 Tracks on one side. Listening to the whole album will force you to change the vinyl for 4 times or 6 times. In this case i prefer the cd-format.

But my opinion is that the analouge format transports more warmth and rhythm.
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