Philips Tape-Recorder n.4504

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#1 erstellt: 11. Dez 2011, 13:50
Hello All.
Have a Philips N.4504,it was Given t5o me,Runs somewhat Noisy,was Stored in the Attic for a Long time by my Father-in-law,before Deciding to give it to Me,Just love old Tape-Recorders,so i Accepted it,as i said Somewhat Noisy,but the more often it runs,the Quieter its Bekomming,--- However i have Noticed that the Timing Block on (Left) or Timing Meter,is No-Longer Working,im no Electronic Gifted Person,but one has to make a Start Somewhere,can anybody tell Me what step i Could take,to Maybe get it Working,--------------- Also a "nd Question, When having Extension Load-Speker Boxes,am i able on one end of the Cables able to Solder Simply Chinge Plugs on to it,i wish to run the Music over a Mixer,from the Tape-Recorder.

Anyone who knows about Electronics Probably knows an Answer.

Friendly Greetings Larr-Lee.
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