Deccalift ?!?

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#1 erstellt: 30. Okt 2004, 23:00
Moin Moin,

hat hier jemand die technischen Daten des "Deccalift"´s? Ich habe mir so ein `Ding´ zugelegt, welches aber defekt sein soll. Leider sind in der OVP keinerlei technische Daten, so das ich den Tonarmlift gar nicht ausprobieren kann, am wichtigsten wäre natürlich die Spannung die der Lift braucht um den Elektromotor richtig zu speisen.

Vielen Dank schonmal im voraus & Gruß aus der Lüneburger Heide

#2 erstellt: 31. Okt 2004, 00:12
Vielleicht kannst Du damit etwas anfangen (der letzte Absatz dürfte am ehesten interessant sein) :

The Deccalift at last makes it possible for you to enjoy to the utmost the pleasure of high fidelity sound reproduction. How often have you been able to take complete pleasure in the final bars of an outstanding performance without preparing to leap to your feet to remove the pick-up from the record?
If you have the finest equipment you will have to lower the pick-up arm on to the record and raise it from the record since, in the past, any mechanical method of carrying out these operations might have led to some deterioration in the high performance of your equipment. Now with the Deccalift you can prepare for the performance by placing the pick-up arm in the appropriate position above the record, relax comfortably in your armchair and press the lowering switch. The final climax of the work can be savoured to the full in the knowledge that, still reclining in your armchair, a touch of a switch will safely remove the pick-up from the record.
The new Deccalift is a unique addition to the Decca range of hi-fi products, made to complement and advance the movement towards perfection. lt has been designed for the hi-fi enthusiast who wishes to protect the high standard of his equipment, a standard that can only be maintained with the most careful handling.
The Deccalift is a motorised raising, lowering and cueing device which can be controlled remotely from the comfort of your armchair or from a switch on the motor-board. Just press to raise and press again to lower: allowing you to stop and start the music without missing a note. This enables you, for instance, to answer the telephone without having to rush over to the pick-up or to turn down the amplifier and the operation is performed with the gentleness demanded of the finest of today's pick-ups. Unsteady hands need not be within yards of the motor-board all the time that the pick-up is in contact with the record. The Deccalift provides complete protection for the pick-up and record.
A rocker type switch with gold plated contacts is supplied so that all that is required is 3 core cable, the length of which will be determined by your particular requirements, and a 6v. AC supply for the motor. Many valve amplifiers have a 6.3v. AC supply which would be suitable for this purpose. Alternatively a 240;'6v. step-down transformer is available at reasonable cost from your dealer or direct from Decca Special Products. A bell transformer capable of giving 6v. AC at 100mA (0.1 amp) could be used. Installation is easy since it is only necessary to drill one hole in the motorboard. Comprehensive instructions are supplied with the Deccalift.
NOTE : The Deccalift is not recommended for use with autochangers.
#3 erstellt: 31. Okt 2004, 00:19
Hallo Holger,

vielen Dank für die schnelle und fundierte Antwort!
Mist, ich habe gehofft, das der Motor mit Gleichspannung läuft, so muss ich ja erst wieder basteln....

Gute N8

#4 erstellt: 31. Okt 2004, 21:09
Hallo Thomas,

wo hast Du das Ding her?
Ich such auch sowas.

Das könnte Dich auch interessieren:
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