Phonar Veritas P5 Drivers?

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#1 erstellt: 21. Jan 2008, 12:52

This is my first post here. Sorry but I don't speak German And please, excuse my terrible english too

I'm the new, proud and happy owner of a couple of phonar veritas p5. I'd like to know brands and models of the drivers used in the p5s.

I think they are seas por the tweeter and peerless for mid and bass, but I don't know exact models.

Thanks in advance

From Spain
#2 erstellt: 27. Jan 2008, 21:08
Hello george_c .... an welcome here !

As far as i know they use Scan Speak - Chassis.

But i dont know it exactly.

Kind Regards
#3 erstellt: 28. Jan 2008, 15:12
Hi George,

I suggest you try to contact the Phonar customer service.
Their email address is

I am sure they will provide the information you need.

Best regards,

#4 erstellt: 28. Jan 2008, 15:14

the woofer and midwoofer are products of Peerless, the tweeter is a Seas.


[Beitrag von Granuba am 28. Jan 2008, 15:15 bearbeitet]
#5 erstellt: 30. Jul 2008, 08:24
Harry: yes they are!

I talked to phonar and they told me so too.

They are supposed to be custom models made by seas and peerless specially for phonar... though they look just like standard (and well known) drivers from these manufacturers

I'd almost prefer them to be standard ones, thinking about being easier (and maybe cheaper) to find spare parts.

Thanks to you all!

Hasta luego
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