Adam Audio or Elac? Plz help

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#1 erstellt: 21. Nov 2003, 13:21

I hope I'm not troubling anyone with my English input here, because I don't speak German. I need advice on these 2 german speakers, so I guess this is a good place to ask.

I looking at the Adam Audio Compact and the Elac 510 speakers. Both implement the AMT tweeters. But Adam audio crossover at 1800hz while Elac does at 2800hz.

I hope anyone whos heard them can give me some input on theri sound and how they compare to each other. Which is more worthy?

I hope both do not sound bright or edgy on the top end.

Another speaker I'm looking at is the Amphion Argon2 from Finland. These speakers sounds good but I wonder how they compare to the Adam and Elac.

Thanks for any advice, I appreciate it.

Best Regards,
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