Turntable (Clearaudio Concept) + Amplifier (Onkyo A-9355) + speakers (Canton 502) mix

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#1 erstellt: 01. Nov 2009, 15:13

Ich bin interessiert ein gutes system aufzubauen fuer meine wohnung. Ich will nur mein iphone/ipod benuetzen, und spaeter ein turntable. Ich weiss nicht viel ueber hi-fi und hab mich nie richtig mit diesem thema befasst.

Mein budget ist circa 3000eur. Der turntable den ich interessiert bin ist der Audioclear concept und Canton 502 boxen. Diese komponenten sind gut erhaeltich fuer ein guten preis in meiner region.

Meine frage ist ob ich den Onkyo A-9355 benuetzen kann als amplifier zum das ganze zu verknuefpen? Ich wuerde auch zusaetzlich noch den Onkyo UP-A1 kaufen, Universal Dock fuer iPod fuer die mp3 option.

Danke fuer eure hilfe,
#2 erstellt: 01. Nov 2009, 23:19
Hi Phil,

Yes, you can.

BUT: If you're really planning on spending around 3000 Euro on a stereo setup (what you've listed is much closer to 2000 Euro) I'd advise you to go to various stores and LISTEN to a range of speakers. There are huge differences, and buying a speaker just because it is readily available sounds somewhat strange (to say the least). IF 3000 is your limit, I'd certainly listen to speakers in the 1000-1500 Euro price-range (for the pair); I wouldn't combine 500 Euro speakers with a 1000 Euro turntable...

#3 erstellt: 02. Nov 2009, 21:46
Hi Jochen, thanks for the answer. I'm looking at swiss prices which are generally higher than in Germany. Also restricting myself to a few stores, but you're right should not do that.

In terms of speakers selection, do you have suggestions from personal experience?

brainstorming few speakers if we look at the higher price range:
-B&W CM 5
-Canton Vento 820
-KEF IQ90 (standboxen)

What is your opinion on the Onkyo 9355?

thanks again
#4 erstellt: 02. Nov 2009, 22:49
Hi Phil,

I don't know the Onkyo, so I can't really comment. I listened to one of the new class-D Onkyos recently (quite a SOLID piece of equipment weighing in at around 20k) and that really rocked. But generally speaking (and in my experience) the amp is not THAT important. Yes, there are differences, but they are not hughe. Whereas the differences between different speakers can be really big.

Regarding speakers, it all depends on what you like. There is no such thing as THE perfect speaker. If you look at the frequency response of amps, it is more or less a straight line from 10 Hz to 20 KHz -- with speakers, this line looks more like a snake on speed (more or less, depending on what make & price-range). And what you actually hear will also depend a lot on the acoustics of the room. So you'll have to go out and hear for yourself, what kind of speaker you like.

I personally like speakers to be as neutral as possible, i.e. deviate as little as possible from what is on the CD -- but many people would think my speakers sound 'boring' or 'flat' because they don't over-emphasize high and low frequencies like some other speakers do. Finally, the size of your speakers will have to fit the desired volumes and the room you use. So generalisations or recommendations are difficult.

Having said that, you might consider listening to something by Dynaudio or MonitorAudio or KEF or maybe Heco (but to my ear it gets less and less neutral). MY personal favourite in the 1500 Euro Class (not that I've heard them all) would be Sehring S700, a compact speaker that is -- to my ears -- extremely good at its price tag (1500). The problem will be that it is produced by a small company in Berlin and I very much doubt that there are stores in Switzerland that stock Sehring. Their homepage is at www.sehring-audio.de, if you're interested...

As regards turntables: I don't know this particular Clearaudio, but you do pay a lot for their design. In terms of actual quality you'd probably not fare any worse with a Technics SL-1200, or maybe one of the pricier Pro-Ject or a MusicHall.


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#5 erstellt: 03. Nov 2009, 17:02
Ok, researched a bit more...

For speakers Nubert nuvero 4.
For amps: Onkyo A-9355 or A-9377 or A-9755, not sure which one would be best for these speakers..?
For turntable have also looked at the MusicHall mmf 7.1.

Let me know your thoughts,
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