Kurzschluss zwischen den Lautsprecherklemmen

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#1 erstellt: 22. Dez 2005, 00:46
Hi guys,

I have a question. My helix hxa1000 always falls in malfunction immediatly when i put the power on. It has been working well for about 2 years so it's something new... I looked at the support brochure from helix and tested a few things. It has nothing to do with cables or so because it also happens when I connect it with cables directly from the battery... In the brochure from Helix it says Kurzschluss zwischen den Lautsprecherklemmen and I measured it up and indeed there seems to be a connection between the + and - klemm... Does anyone have any ideas on what to do


#2 erstellt: 22. Dez 2005, 13:11

First: Sry, but my english isn't the best . But I'll give all...

You can try to put something in between which isolates the connections from each other. Eg sth made of plastic. Another way could be to bend them so that they diverge. But in the 2nd way you have to be careful. Don't burst them off!

Hope, it'll help!

Greetz, Floh

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#3 erstellt: 22. Dez 2005, 15:29
Floh Thanx 4 the reply. but what I don't get, is why does this happen all of a sudden?

The ampli connections are the same as always, nothing has been changed so...

My feeling is that one or the other element of the board has broken down but I don't seem to be able to find out which one... but I will have to look at it again then... Why are the amps always the things that brake down, they are so expensive
#4 erstellt: 22. Dez 2005, 18:39

Flea78 schrieb:
First: Sry, but my english isn't the best . But I'll give all...

I follow there you

I have another Idea. Have you disconneted all things on the loudspeaker side and put it then on?
When the amp remains on, then you have an Short-circuit on the lines.
In the case, i would check the lines to the loudspeakers, or change it complete.
Have you measure only the resistance of the loudspeakers?
4 Ohms are normal, because 1 or 0 ohms are very bad.

I hope, you can understand, what i mean (with my bad english)

#5 erstellt: 22. Dez 2005, 20:57
Could it be that the connections have been changed or put together by driving-vibs?
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