Cartridge ClearaudioType IV- NEED help!

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#1 erstellt: 28. Mrz 2005, 17:09
Hallo everybody!

Somebody knows which replaceable needle match for this cartridge? Problem: Cannot find info about this cartridge in internet. It looks pretty old (80's)with golden body and replacable needle (black colour). Maybe early Clearaudio cartridges were replica of some big brand like Ortofon or Audio Technica?

Thanks in advance, Alexander
#2 erstellt: 28. Mrz 2005, 18:42
May Mr. Peter Suchy has some informations for you about the Cadridge. Are you able to Post a picture of the Cadridge???
(Bad English)
MfG Christoph
#3 erstellt: 28. Mrz 2005, 20:03
Thank you Christoph. Of course picture tells more than words..Unfortunately I haven't digital camera. Inscription on a black replacement stylus "Clearaudio Type IV" (in front) + 00195 (on the right side). How can I find Mr. Peter Suchy?
#4 erstellt: 28. Mrz 2005, 21:00
Hes the Boss at Clearaudio. The are no Copys of other Cadridges 00195 is the Serial Number of the Cadridge its Preety old.

MfG Christoph
#5 erstellt: 14. Apr 2009, 18:22
Hi Alexander,

Although this thread is considerably old, maybe you are still interested in this subject.

The Clearaudio Type IV through Type VI have been build in the early eighties. I bought mine (a Type VI in 1981). The cartridges were rather high-priced Type IV app. 300 DM and Type VI app. 600 DM. They are moving magnet cartridges using an Boron cantilever and a RM cut stylus (RM = reduced mass is a kind of Paroc-stylus made by Clearaudio. Basicly Type VI, Type V and Type VI are identical, the higher numbers simply mark the grade of selection with Type VI at top. I've once called the company of Mr. Suchy for a replacement stylus for my Type VI. When they told me that this is in their terms only a middle-class product, which the didn't continued. I regretted but wasn't really interested in their current carts. I liked my Type VI well, which at its time was one of the top cartridges but I prefer spending my money on devices which last through the times. I still think it was a great cratridge, to name it midle class in order to sell their current carts shows (at least in my opinion) a lot of ignorance.

Best regards

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